PRACTICE: Over 66 stories five days!

In just five days, Gator Country staffers have posted over 66 stories (that's an average of 13 stories a day!) and hundreds of photos covering the Florida Gator Fall Football practices to bring you unparalleled coverage that's unmatched anywhere else. Like our customers have said -- we set the standard and yet raise the bar at the same time.

At Gator Country, our focus has always been on providing high quality and in-depth coverage of everything we cover, including practices. You won't get any short, sexy soundbites. You'll get agonizing detail of everything. That's the only way we'll do it, otherwise why bother? Not only that, we also pump out more than twice as much as our competition.

Our practice reports are a Gator Country legend, and for good reason:


"The stories are great, the practice coverage and pictures are great and all help to pass the time until Sept 3." -- GatorBill

"Even though the GC has set the bar high, this coverage is blowing me away. I can not adequately convey how impressed I've been with the quantity and quality of GC's articles covering practice." - gatorcoasty

"Terrific job by all. The amount of content you produce in so little time is mindboggling. I can barely keep up, but I love it!" -- Mr2Cents

"Excellent job staff! It's great to get breaking news a week before the local Jax papers get it!" -- aardvark75

"This is truly the only place to be. The staff does a fantastic job all the way around." -- Gatorluver

"I can toot their horn as I am not a writer, the staff here at one point had posted 21 stories in 38 hours. That is some tireless work for them to sit in the Florida sun, go home write a story and get back to start it all over again." - G8RGrowl

"I will have a drink in honor of the GC staff..." -- Gatorbob76

"Yesterday was unreal. I think Franz, Mark and Bob each wrote up like 3-4 articles each. Amazing." -- gatorpr

"Living in East Tenn all we hear up here is how great the Vols are. I look forward to the time I can get up on the internet and read all the great stories and look at the pictures of the Gators training camp." -- KODAKGATOR

"In all honesty, I don't think I can keep up with GC's pace!! GC = the place to be for Gator Sports." -- AnnArborGator

" The best. The first thing I look forward to each day." -- OutbackJack

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