DAY TWO PM: Hollywood Bob In-Depth Practice Report

Tuesday's afternoon practice saw some of the veterans mix in with the bulk of the true freshmen. A lot of the younger guys got a chance to learn a few things from players who were here in the spring. A not so large crowd of about 150 watched on a day that wasn't nearly as humid or sticky as Monday. There will be one more day of split squad practices before the pads go on and things intensify on Thursday.

Movers and Shakers:

Joe Cohen played mostly at defensive end today, a switch from yesterday when he was playing defensive tackle. He is going to be seeing action at both positions according to Coach Meyer.

Plays of the Practice:

Passkell: Bubba Caldwell made a strong catch of a short Josh Portis pass with Eric Rutledge in his hip pocket and knocking him hard. Portis hit a few 15-20-yard passes in the passkel drill, finally opening up after several series. He hit Bubba Caldwell on a mid-depth corner from the inside slot position that would have been a nice gain ... Nyan Boateng laid out Reggie Lewis when Lewis tried to bump him at five yards. Nyan continued on his route as if nothing happened ... A few plays later Lewis picked off a Matt Kynes pass thrown a little short … Tremaine McCollum jumped a pass from Kynes to Jemalle Cornelius, but couldn't come up with the ball ... Kestahn Moore showed his wheels on a little flat route that he beat the defender to the edge and raced for what would have been a good gain. Boateng and Lewis squared off again and Boateng came out the winner again when he lost Lewis on a deep post route that would have gone for six.

Team: Jamelle Cornelius made an acrobatic catch after the ball careened off two defenders. Mike McIntosh showed his first flash of the fall going up high for a catch.

The play of the day was a 30-yard fade to Bubba Caldwell that was tipped by Nick Brooks and Eric Sledge before Caldwell cradled it as he was landing on the ground.

Player of the Practice:

The receivers for the most part weren't helping the quarterbacks, but not all of them came up empty. Nyan Boateng has really impressed with his great athleticism. Not blessed with blazing speed, he is built powerful and has great agility. He can jump high for the ball, cut on a dime, and fight hard for it. Outside of Avery Atkins and Reggie Nelson, he may be the biggest surprise among the newcomers to the Gator team.

Solid as a Rock:

Portis had a couple of high throws today, but his receivers dropped a lot of balls and looked like they were not in sync with the quarterback. Others may differ in opinion, but to me he shows poise and every throw in the book. I have been to every practice and he has an edge on the other quarterbacks. I think he will push to play early, if only a little. The defense continues to be the best squad at three practices now (I don't count the freshman only practice). The cornerbacks are making it very difficult for the receivers to get open in this offense.

Freshman of Influence:

Nyan Boateng gets that nod.

Dawayne Grace left the field limping with an apparent knee problem. That is not a good sign for a guy that will get all he can handle from Avery Atkins and Reggie Nelson in the upcoming weeks ... The receivers it seems --- except for Caldwell --- didn't help the quarterbacks. There were a lot of dropped balls that should have been caught. Most of the completed passes were relatively short and nothing to get excited about with the pads off.

Heard It On The Field:

Not much repeatable. Unfortunately these practices aren't nearly as intimate as the ones on the regular practice fields and good sound bites are hard to find. Hopefully this is just a one year thing because of the refurbishing of the practice field.

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