DAY 3 AM: Hollywood Bob's Morning Practice Report

The shoulder pads went on this morning so there was some hitting that wasn't seen in the first two days of practice. It's easy to tell that players are definitely ready for full pads to go on tomorrow so they can start striking someone. Here's the morning practice report:

Movers and Shakers:

Carlton Medder was with the first team offensive line but it was most likely due to the fact that Jim Tartt was in the pit, not sure right now of why that is the case but probably his shoulder's just not 100 percent yet ... Reggie Nelson was the first team nickel back, but remember, the whole team was not out there at this practice, including Reggie Lewis. Nelson was most likely very tired at the end as he also lined up as the second team cornerback. Louis Murphy and Bubba Caldwell joined the morning group, a change from yesterday.

Plays of the Practice:

1-on-1: Vernell Brown continues to play extremely well. He was all over Chad Jackson in 1-on-drill and forced an incompletion. He followed that up by taking out Dallas Baker completely off of his route on a deep fade pattern and an incompletion. They lined up Vernell again, this time on Caldwell, who put a juke move on him and left Brown standing still as he skated to the post on a long pass completion … Chad Jackson worked over Reggie Nelson on one play ... Avery Atkins and Louis Murphy fought hard all the way down the field and Avery stayed with it and knocked the pass away at the very end.

Pass-skel: Avery Atkins broke up the first medium to long pass thrown by Leak … Leak had a nice17-yard completion to Louis Murphy in a short skinny post … Nelson was all over Dickey in the flat and broke up a pass from Leak … John Curtis caught a 25-yard fade over Vernell Brown from Chris Leak … Markell Thompson caught three passes in the flat today ... Earl Everett picked off another pass today, an errant throw from Cornelius Ingram who did not see him dropping.

Team: Stephen Harris got his big paws up and deflected the first pass from Chris Leak … Jarvis Herring cut inside to break up a pass to Chad Jackson ... Jon Demps broke up a pass in the flat from Ingram … Markus Manson had the play of the practice (see below) and also a nice juking run up the middle where he made several defenders miss.

Play of the Practice: The play of practice was from Markus Manson. He had one of those Adrian Peterson moments (no I am not saying he is that good). He took a handoff and cut hard to the edge of the offensive line and sucked the defenders in. he then kicked in another gear to the outside and was gone for 20 yards or so before anyone could touch him.

Player of he Practice:

I want to give it to Manson. The Gators need a running back to step up and he looked good out there today, especially on the two plays I cited above.

Solid as a Rock:

Earl Everett made at least his third interception of the fall already and he has missed a couple of easy ones. I am looking for huge things from Everett this year.

Freshman of Influence:

Redshirt freshman Markus Manson continues to step it up and show he's the real deal.

What I liked:

Most of the time if a coach is really lighting a player up and yelling at them it is a good sign that they expect a lot out of that player. That's a rare occurrence for Doc Holliday, but he blew up a little at Dorian Munroe, for not being in position.

What I Didn't Like:

In the pass-skel and team sessions, it was just one short pass after another … About two thirds of the way through the sessions they opened it up a little, but still a lot of very short passes ... Injuries to O-linemen Jim Tartt and Eddie Haupt (both in the pit) are not a good sign right now.

Heard It On The Field:

Coach Churck Heater to Avery Atkins: "Great job Avery, way to finish… way to take the play all the way through and finish!" This was on a pass Atkins knocked away from Louis Murphy on a deep fade.

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