Profile 2003 - Marcus Harris (OL/DL)

Already a standout performer for Lakeside High School in Atlanta, GA, Marcus Harris has the growth potential to be an absolute star at the college level.

Marcus Harris #66

6-3, 256, 4.9
Atlanta, GA - Lakeside High School

School Preferences: Georgia Tech, Clemson, Virginia, Florida, and NC State among others

  • Junior Stats: 93% grade, 12 tackles, 2 sacks and a fumble recovery
  • Coach's Comments: "Probably our best prospect, he just turned 16 and his dad is 6'5 and his mom his 6'0" - Coach Bill Harris
  • Personal Goals: Make 1st team all state.
  • Summer Camps: Virginia, Clemson, and Georgia Tech
  • Strength: Bench 375, Squat 445, Clean 260

Profile 2003 - Marcus Harris (OL/DT)

A big player from Atlanta, GA that is likely to get bigger both physically and on the recruiting circuit is Lakeside High School lineman Marcus Harris. At 6'3 and 265 pounds (4.9 forty), Harris has the perfect build for an interior lineman. However, Harris has not yet come close to reaching his physical potential. At 16 years old, with a mom and dad that are 6'0 and 6'5 respectively, it's easy to picture Harris growing another 3-5 inches by the time he would be an 18 year old redshirt freshman in college. Some of that growth has already taken placyeas Harris has increased his bench press by 55 pounds in the past six weeks while concentrating on lifting during the offseason.

The future possibilities are intriguing, but it would be a mistake to look past the present. Harris is already a dominant player at the high school level. Playing mostly offensive line, Harris thinks he will get more of a shot to play both sides of the ball this year. "I only played 3 games on defense last season," said Harris. "I think that's what I'll play more in college, so I think I'll get more of a chance to play defensive tackle this year. I'd rather play defense; I like the hitting," Marcus added with a laugh.

Several schools have contacted Harris thus far, and he's started to narrow his choices down a bit. "Right now I like Georgia Tech, Clemson, Virginia, Florida, and NC State the best. They all have engineering schools, and I'd like to go to an engineering school." With a 3.3 GPA, when Harris is talking about academics, one gets the distinct impression it's more than window dressing.

Lakeside struggled o a 3-7 record last season, but will return Marcus Harris on both sides of the football. Having a blue chip athlete in the middle of each line is a very good stone for rebuilding. "Towards the end of last year we were starting to come together. We have a new coach this year, and we're returning about 13 starters. We think we'll have a much better year this year."

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