DAY FOUR: Chad Jackson stays on the move

Wide receiver Chad Jackson set a Florida school record with 22.3 yards per catch last season. Eight of his twenty-nine receptions went for twenty yards or more. It would appear that Coach Urban Meyer will give Jackson the opportunity to utilize his ability to run after the catch even more in 2005.

"I'm staying on the move," Jackson said. "It's a fast paced offense. Once the play is over just get back to the huddle and run the next play. Know what to do on the field and what to do in different coverages."

"It's a great offense," he continued. "He (Coach Meyer) just wants us to the lead the country. He led the country with Utah (in offense) and that's what he wants us to do. We're just trying to get the offensive line on time, the quarterbacks on time, and the wide receivers on time. It's coming back to us right now, but we just need to sharpen up."

The receivers looked better than they had the previous three days today. It appeared the defensive backs had gotten the best of them. Jackson was simply awesome in the red zone as the team worked on man-on-man drills. He beat Vernell Brown, Reggie Nelson, and anybody else who stepped across the scrimmage line to challenge him today. Still, Jackson gave the defensive backs credit for their strong play.

"The defensive backs are great this year," Jackson said with a smile. "Other teams receivers had better watch out this year. Vernell (Brown), Jarvis (Herring), Dee Webb, and with Reggie Nelson coming in and Tony Joiner and Hot Tamale and all of them. They'd better watch out. They're going to be good DB's. They've kind of made us look bad right now, but as camp goes on we'll change it around."

"It's about the same (getting off of the line), but they know what to do, techniques and all that. They've learned and they're getting pretty good at it."

Jackson commented briefly on the play of quarterback, turned wide receiver Gavin Dickey.

"He (Gavin) is doing pretty good. He brings more speed to the receivers. He's learning the plays. He's just got to get used to it that's all. He hasn't played receiver before. He's moving more and running more routes. He's not used to that. He was a quarterback. He just dropped back. He's got more to learn. He's going to be alright once he learns the system."

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