DAY FIVE: Hollywood Bob's Detailed Practice Report

It was the first day in pads and the boys were ready to hit. The coaching staff didn't allow tackling on day one, but there was a whole lot of aggravation coming out in the shoulder pads. They even did the circle of life in rapid fire with the team in lines according to positions. The defense, as it has been all week, got the upper hand in the drill and just seems to dominate right now. Read on for the *most* detailed practice news you can't get anywhere else!

Movers and Shakers:

I couldn't tell if he was injured and in the pit, but Tavares Washington was replaced during team drills by Carlton Medder. Jim Tartt participated in the circle of life, but was replaced on the starting offensive line by Drew Miller sometime during practice. I still haven't seen Eric Wilbur really punt the ball yet. Lamont Sheppard and Dawayne Grace seemed to be getting a little more work. I know Bubba Caldwell and I think Chad Jackson are with the first kickoff coverage unit. Jemalle Cornelius and Gavin Dickey were second returners. Markus Manson was on the third unit returning kicks.

Plays of the Practice:

1 on 1: Gavin Dickey made a nice cut and whipped Reggie Lewis across the field. Dee Webb and Dallas Baker get tangled early before Baker breaks free and catches a perfect corner pass from Portis. Vernell blanketed Jemalle Cornelius, continuing his stellar play. Tremaine McCollum who is second team right now takes Mike McIntosh right out f his route on one play. Reggie Nelson had a perfect break on the ball when lining up in coverage five yards deep, Nyan Boateng should have come back for the ball in this case, and the pass was broken up by Nelson. Dee Webb had another fabulous break on the ball and should have intercepted the ball in front of Dallas Baker. Tremaine McCollum put Kenneth Tookes on his butt five yards off the ball.

Pas-skel: There was a nice little sprint out pass to Tate Casey from Portis. The rhythm of the play was just perfect and one of the few plays the offense looked really in sync. Tremaine Mccollum bumped David Nelson right out of his route to keep him from getting to the ball. Vernell Brown jumped Dallas Baker for a near interception.

Team: Portis threw an ill-advised pass in front of Dallas Baker that Dee Webb jumped and took for six points. Leak for 25 yards on a skinny post to Dallas Baker who beat Avery Atkins and got past DeShawn Carter. DeShawn Wynn had the best two runs of the week for himself, both power runs up the middle that gained over 10 yards each. Skyler Thornton had two of the same. Carlton Medder made a nice seal block to open Wynn on his last big run, at the end of the run Wynn put his head down and laid out DeShawn Carter. Dallas Baker caught a post over Tremaine Allen about 20 yards deep from Portis.

Player of the Practice:

Dee Webb strikes again as my player of the practice with two interceptions and a couple of near ones. He is really using his skills to get to the ball once it is in the air right now and has been my player of the practice two days in a row.

Solid as a Rock:

Earl Everett continues to make plays on the ball in the air and draw praise from the coaching staff for his overall play.

Tremaine McCollum made more plays in the spring than any cornerback and today the "not so large" McCollum knocked down two receivers that are much bigger and completely took a third out of his route. Do we see a trend here with all of the corners playing so well?

Freshman of Influence:

Cornelius Ingram looked good and probably had the most progress of any freshman today.

What I liked:

Brian Crum from a distance in pads really looks like Channing Crowder, just a thicker look to him overall. This was quarterback Cornelius Ingram's best day of practice. He was sharp and finding open receivers today, but didn't get a lot of chances. Boateng made a nice grab off the turf to reel the ball in.

What I Didn't Like:

I thought Portis had his worst day of the week today. Was throwing behind receivers and not helping them out at all. The offense overall was still dominated all over the field.

Heard It On The Field:

Coach Heater has become my quote machine -- he had a few good ones today:

"That can't happen, Never, ever ever ever ever ever ever, let that happen. Don't let him cut across you." When McCollum knocked down one particular receiver, Heater exclaimed, "I love that, haha." When Vernel came oh so close from stealing the ball from Dallas Baker but caused an incompletion, "We wanted that ball, good job, VB!" When Reggie Lewis dropped a sure interception in both hands, "That‘s why you are a DB, Reggie!!"

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