Ingram Getting Comfortable At Quarterback

Two years ago, I traveled to Chiefland to watch Cornelius Ingram and his Hawthorne Hornets play against a quality ranked team. Ingram was the all-everything quarterback/athlete who kept defensive coordinators up all hours of the night. However, the Indians constant defensive pressure made the Hornets offensive line resemble an apparition.

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"I've never really had the opportunity to work behind a good offensive line before," he said. "It's nothing against the guys that I played with (at Hawthorne High School). They did the best they could. But, I was always running and trying to make plays."

Ingram has the body (6-4, 220) and athleticism that make wide receivers coaches salivate. He also possesses a strong arm that, when coupled with those aforementioned traits, appeals to quarterback coaches.

He (Ingram) has not had much of an opportunity to play because of his dual sport status, playing basketball and football. Despite his limited time at quarterback, many suggest that a change of position might better suit him, as well as, get him on the field more rapidly.

"I know that (moving to a new position) has been said by many people," he alluded to. "None of the coaches have said anything like that to me though. That just hasn't happened. I know that I could play other positions on this team. The coaches have been patient with me though. They (the Florida coaches) watched film of me when I was at Hawthorne, and I think they understand the situation."

A big smile breaks out on Ingram's face when he talks about the offense.

"This offense is explosive," Ingram said smiling. "I do think that it is the perfect offense for me. It allows the quarterback to do so many things with the football. I can run with the ball, run the option, and get the ball to the receivers. I think that I have a strong enough arm. I have to work on making the reads and learning from Coach (Dan) Mullen and Coach (Urban) Meyer."

"I feel like I'm learning the offense though. I worked with Chris (Leak) and Josh (Portis) in the film room looking at tape," he continued. "I really needed that, because I didn't have the opportunity of going through the entire spring focused on football. It's a complicated system that you need to focus on. I've dedicated myself to that now. I probably won't be returning to play basketball."

For now Ingram will focus on quarterback, and he'll do without thinking of jump shots, dribbling, or the hardwood.

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