DAY SIX: Hollywood Bob's Detailed Practice Report

Florida began its Saturday morning practice early to avoid some of the intense heat, but the extra 30 minutes only provided so much relief. By the time the team was hitting at the end, the sun was high in the sky and it was blazing hot. The defense had a dominating day but there were some outstanding moments on offense, too. Referees were on hand to officiate the offense vs. defense scrimmaging at the end of the practice.

Movers and Shakers:

The biggest move today was Deshawn Carter over Kyle Jackson as first team free safety late in practice. We have been saying that Kyle Jackson hasn't made the big play yet and we've been waiting for results. Today a few of us in the media area thought he may have been loafing a little and got an on field demotion. These guys are going to have to go hard every play or risk losing their jobs ... Drew Miller subbed for an ailing Tavares Washington who left practice yesterday for heat related reasons.

IHateUGAlyDawgs (poster on Insider board) clued me in to the fact Eric Sledge was nowhere to be seen today … I believe DeShawn Wynn was in The Pit at one point … Jon Demps got some work with the second defense today … In the team session Tremaine McCollum was working with the first defense as Webb took some time off ... With McCollum moved to the first unit, Dawayne Grace got to spend time with the second defense ...Tony Joiner was playing a lot with the second group.

Plays of the Practice:

One particular kickoff return had about three crunching and punishing blocks that freed Jemalle Cornelius to take the ball all the way in for a score.

Pass-skel: Leak completed a 25-yard pass to Dallas Baker on a skinny post over the top of Vernell Brown …Todd McCullough slid into a seam and coralled a Leak pass. Leak never saw him ... Tremaine McCollum continued his good play and broke up a pass to Gavin Dickey underneath.

Reggie Lewis did the same thing on the next play … Dallas Baker schooled Avery Atkins on a route but Josh Portis underthrew the pass allowing Atkins to recover to knock the ball away ... Ingram had one of his better passes completed to Chad Jackson on an 18-yard out pattern ... John Curtis toasted Atkins on a deep ball.

Team: Markus Manson showed great wiggle through the line of scrimmage leaving a lot of defenders grabbing for air, then showed power at the end forcing his way to more yards through the secondary ... Some nice blocking up front freed Skyler Thornton for a long run and he spun to get through the second level defenders ... Leak threw a 30-yard completion to Chad Jackson who schooled Dawayne Grace ... Portis scrambled right to make some room and found Mike McIntosh about 18 yards deep ... The defense continued to pressure and had a few sacks ... Ingram threaded one pass between two defenders into Gavin Dickey's hands.

The play of the day came from the arm of Chris Leak to the one hand of Andre Caldwell. Caldwell was contorted a little and had to make an acrobatic catch over Reggie Nelson who was in pretty good coverage on the play.

Player of the Practice:

No one really stood out, but Dallas Baker had a good practice and deserves this spot at least once as the best receiver in my opinion since fall camp started.

Solid as a Rock:

Kalvin "Pig" Baker showed his muster in the tackling drill in the middle of practice ... Kudos to Deshawn Carter, who played with the first team defense today ... Kestahn Moore and Kyle Morgan were the most consistent offensive players in the tackling drill.

Freshman of Influence:

Avery Atkins will get beat sometimes but he is really doing a solid job for six days on the field at this level. He is going to play a lot for the Gators this year.

What I liked:

The tackling drill was fun to watch. The ball carrier and tackler line up ten yards a part and have about a five yard width which the carrier has to get the ten yards, The offensive players normally won but some were better than others. Pig Baker was one of the better tacklers on the field ... Kestahn Moore (Ke-Mo) was exceptional with his quickness and ability to stay on his feet ... We have more on this drill on video ... Skyler ran hard today.

What I Didn't Like:

Leak should have had two interceptions throwing into coverage he did not see at all. Only one was intercepted ... The offense doesn't usually start out strong ... Portis fumbled the ball on an inside keeper, he paid for it later with 100 yards of up-downs with two balls in his hands.

Heard It on The Field:

After practice, Capt. Wallace N. Smith of the 101st Airborne resented the team with the flag that flew over the base and the patches that Task Force Gator wore on their camouflage uniforms, during their time in Afghanistan. The flag and commemorative patches (gator head and some Airborne insignia) are in a case that will be placed in the Florida locker room.

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