RECRUITING: DT Brandon Antwine still has top three

Texas defensive tackle Brandon Antwine (6-0, 271, 5.1) still says his top three schools are USC, Florida and Oklahoma--over Nebraska and Miami. All have offered.

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"All of those schools in my top three are pretty even right now. They are the three schools that I like the most and I'll probably end up making a decision on one of those three programs," said Antwine, from Garland High School in Garland.

"I grew up a Florida and Miami fan as a kid, but lately USC has really been creeping up on all of these programs. My high school focuses on tradition and I like how USC has that going for them too. They've had a lot of great players go to the League from their program and I kind of would like to be a part of what they've got going," he said.

"Florida also has a lot of talented athletes that they've sent to the League and they've got some great competition there.

"Oklahoma is pretty close to home and I really like that. They're in there just in case I end up realizing that I'd get homesick if I went out to USC or Florida. They're a great program and they basically have what USC and Florida have…they're just closer to home," said Antwine.

"All three of these programs have great Business Schools. I've never been to any of them before, but I know they're my top three schools. I've gotten media guides from these programs and I've done a lot of research on all three.

"I haven't set up any official visits yet, but I plan on taking all five of them. I'm also looking to get out to both Nebraska and Miami for official visits.

"I've passed through the state of Nebraska before but I've never been to their campus. It seems like they've got some great surroundings and it's not too big a school where I could end up losing my focus or anything like that," he said.

"Like I said, Miami and Florida have been childhood favorites of mine and I'd like to get out to Miami also just to see what it's like and what they have to offer," he said.

Antwine attended the combine in Waco, Texas.

"Before a game happens, I study a copy of the game film my coaches have made for me, and I study it all the time. It helps me get ahead on other peoples' game plans. I've got some great aggressiveness on the field also and it can get other teams scared of me at times too. It's probably because I'm such a big person.

"I'd like to work on getting my 40x down and use my hands a little more. It will be good to change the game up a little and really get my technique with my hands down."

Final JR (8-4) stats: 72 tackles/10 sacks

Bench: 375/Squat: 665/Power Clean: 305/Vert Jump: 31"

3.5 GPA/19 ACT-no retest

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