RECRUITING: Only 1 School On Johnson's Visit List

Stafon Johnson just might be the most highly recruited player in all of Los Angeles. There isn't a school in the country that wouldn't take this 5-star (by rated athlete at either running back or at safety. Everybody wants him and he can choose offense or defense, but right now there is only one school that he's planning to visit.

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"I will take one to Florida but I am not sure when," said the 6-0, 200-pound star for powerful Dorsey High. "Yeah, Florida is the only visit I know I am going to take so far. They came all the way out here to visit me often. I just thought I would take some time to go and see them. I wanted to show them the mutual friendship, and show them some love like they have shown me. I have never been out there (to Florida) so that will be fun."

Florida is the one school that Johnson talks about. He's heavily recruited by all the top schools in the country, but other than Florida, he's keeping his favorites a mystery.

"I don't have a final list," he said "It is kind of hard, because all of them are great schools. It is a lot of schools out there I have to choose from."

Florida running backs Coach Stan Drayton is recruiting Johnson, who says that distance will not be a factor in his final choice.

"Coach Drayton knows I am an open guy," Johnson said. "I have told him I have no problem going anywhere. As long as I know I have a great opportunity as far as playing time and it fits my education curriculum, I am there."

His parents will factor somewhat in the decision. He will seek their input, but ultimately, his family says the choice is his to make.

"My dad, my mom, and my grand-dad are about it," he said. "Dad, he doesn't really care where I go. He knows they are all great schools. He says it is all up to me."

He has a very close relationship with his grandfather. It is his grandfather who emphasizes to him that he needs to seek God's help and make the right decision.

"He lives close and I am with him a lot," Johnson said. "He is a very outspoken kind of guy. He is the plant manager at an elementary school and started there 4-5 years ago. He tells me to make the right decision and one I will never go back on. It has to be one I will stay with. He tells me to pray on the decision and make sure it is right by all ways."

While Stafon says that his father never really had a college preference, his grandfather has grown to like several over the course of his lifetime. Strangely enough, his grandfather grew up in the southeastern United States and has a fondness for that state in particular.

"My grandfather is from Alabama, so (he likes) any school in Alabama," he said. "Green Bay (NFL), he loves Green Bay. He also loves SC (Southern Cal)."

Meanwhile, he's working very hard along with his teammates to get ready for the fall football season. He has become a team leader and he likes the role he plays in helping his team prep for the season.

"They [teammates] look to me as the guy that has been there and done that since the ninth grade," he said. "They look at me as the guy that knows what he is talking about. I try to tell everybody what they should expect early, so they won't be surprised."

He watches film constantly. He watches his own film to find ways he can improve his game and he watches opponents film so he can ingrain their tendencies to the point that he can react without thinking.

"I watch film every day," he said. "Everyone knows I am watching film all the time. I am trying to get the whole team to do it. I do it a lot, especially the team we are playing that week. I like to be two steps ahead of the game."

The team works out daily as they prepare for a schedule that will begin on September 9. Last year Dorsey made it to the state championship game only to lose so there is a feeling that there is some unfinished business.

"We go from three to eight every day," he said. "We have been at it for a month. I am ready. We (start by) playing Narbonne. They are pretty good. Actually we lost to them last year. It was the only game we lost until the championship. We made some changes after that game. After (that game) our team came together. The year before we won the championship and we just laid down to the hype, we came together and realized we needed to pick it up. It was a fluke and we ended up showing everybody it was a fluke. Last year we went to the championship and didn't win it, so this will be a stepping stone from there. We have to show that not only can we go, we can win. That is our goal this year."

Winning a championship and making the right school selection are the two big tasks ahead of Stafon Johnson right now. Seeing how hard he prepares for football, it's hard to imagine that he won't give the same thought to where he goes to school.

Right now, Florida is the only school that he talks about openly. Will the Gators be the only school he's talking about on national signing day in February?

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