CHAT TRANSCRIPT: Chat with Jevan Snead

Monday night's chat, hosted by and Ryan Jordan, was a resounding success with over 200 folks at one time peppering Gator commitment QB Jevan Snead with plenty of questions and answers. Read on and discover more about the Texas Talent who will be enrolling at UF this January.

Ryan Jordan:: Alright I've got Jevan on the phone and were ready for questions.....

BrowardCoGator:: What was his favorite part of the Elite 11 experience?

Jevan Snead:: "My favorite part of the Elite 11 was just going out there and getting to see California and meet all the great athletes in person."

BossGator1:: Jevan what was the biggest reason for your commiment to UF?

Jevan Snead:: "The biggest reason for committing to Florida was being comfortable with the system and the coaches. I think I'll fit in well."

trume3:: Jevan, congrats on you schooly commit. Does it matter to you that FLorida recruits other top ranked QB's?

Jevan Snead:: "I don't know really. I guess it's not that big a deal that they're recruiting other QB's."


Jevan Snead:: "Well, I don't know. At least 1 title and hopefully I'll be able to play for at least 3 years so maybe all 3."

cbreezeinsider:: Jevon when did you first become interested in the Gators and why?

Jevan Snead:: "Coach Meyer and his program is what interested me. I watched some film on him at Utah and we got a lot of our offense at Stephenville from him."

PerdidoKeyGator:: Jevan: Does your high school team play anyone in Austin or San Antonio?

Jevan Snead:: "We play New Braundfels which is by San Antonio."

OklahomaGator:: Are you catching a lot of heat from local Texans?

Jevan Snead:: "Not too much really. It's not too bad. Everybody around Stephenville is really supportive."

GATORooski:: Jevan...just a little local Texas question. What can you tell us about the championship game a few years back between Stephenville and Port Neches?

Jevan Snead:: "Oh I really do not know much about that game. I did not move here until my freshman year. I wasn't here then."

BigTimeGator:: Jevan are you recruiting other recruits to UF and if so who?

Jevan Snead:: "Ahh, I don't know. I haven't really been able to talk to too many people but if I do I will definitely tell them what it's all about."

acelaw:: jevan-have you seen mon williams play and , if so, what did you think of his abilities?

Jevan Snead:: "I really haven't gotten a chance to see Mon play but he sounds like an outstanding athlete and someone I'd be lucky to have on my team."

blissgator:: Jevan, what would you like to major in while at UF?

Jevan Snead:: "I have no clue what I want to major in right now."

PerdidoKeyGator:: Jevan any pressure to change your commit?

Jevan Snead:: "Ah, no not really. I still get letters and everything but it's died down a lot."

Solari:: Jevan, do you have any friendships with the Gator players?

Jevan Snead:: "I haven't gotten a chance to become friends with too many of the guys yet."

acelaw:: jevan-how is your knee right now?

Jevan Snead:: "My knee is great. I wouldn't say it will be back until 100% until later in the year but it's getting there. I'm back to scrambling around a little bit."

theorangebluewinagain:: DO YOU PREFER TO RUN OR PASS?

Jevan Snead:: "I prefer to pass, but running is not too bad either."

WheelerTheGreat:: im hoping no one has asked this yet, but what rival of florida do you look forward to playing the most?

Jevan Snead:: "Oh I don't know that's tough. There's a lot of great rivalries with Florida but Tennessee I feel like is going to be really fun. That's the game I actually plan on coming to this year (For his official visit)."

DHaas:: what are your goals for your senior year this year??

Jevan Snead:: "For this year definitely one of my goals is to win district and go 10-0. After that it's to win state and hopefully be named All-State."

acelaw:: jevan-can we still consider you 100% committed to UF?

Jevan Snead:: "I am 100% committed."

bassman247:: Do you hate the UGa Dawgs yet? If not, how long before you do?

Jevan Snead:: "Oh, I haven't had the time to develop that Georgia hate yet but I'm sure I'll learn."

STR8OUTDASWAMP1:: What do you find is most difficult about playing the quarterback position, the physical or mental part?

Jevan Snead:: "Definitely the mental part. There's so much time and thinking that goes along with it."

burke22:: What has Meyer told you to work on before you get here?

Jevan Snead:: "Oh they haven't told me to work too much but there was little stuff at the camp I learned. I took some drills back home from there."

burke22:: Did you tell Stafford to get ready for 4 loses to the Mighty Gators?

Jevan Snead:: "Stafford and I really didn't talk a lot about college. We just talked and joked around about every day stuff. We joked around a little about it but nothing too serious."

Solari:: What is the most appealing part of the Meyer/Mullen offense to you?

Jevan Snead:: "Oh it's just great. It's a QB's offense. A lot of it is just because it's like the offense at my high school so I'm very used to it."

PerdidoKeyGator:: Are your parents just a little freaked about you going to school in FL? Distance Issues?

Jevan Snead:: "I think it's going to be a little hard my momma but she's coming around. They're all for it. They're backing me 100 percent."

acelaw:: what weight are you going to start the season at?

Jevan Snead:: "Right now I'm weighing 205 to 208 so I'm sure the roster will say 210."

GatorDon:: Which is a crazier place when it comes to football obsession, Texas or Florida?

Jevan Snead:: "The craziest place? I haven't gotten a chance to play in Florida yet so I'd have to go with Texas but I'm looking forward to finding out about Florida."

Solari:: What is your most memorable recruiting moment with the Gators?

Jevan Snead:: "My most memorable recruiting moment... oh.. Just being down at the camp the first time and seeing the campus and walking out on the 50 yd line."

Coolgtr:: Jevan - what sold you the most on Urban Meyer, the person?

Jevan Snead:: "I like the fact that he's a guy who likes working hard and he knows what he wants out of his athletes."

STR8OUTDASWAMP1:: Have you been invited to the Army All American game, yet and is that something that is important to you?

Jevan Snead:: "I have not been invited yet. I really can't say that's a big issue with me. I'm going to be going to college and the first thing on my mind is my senior season."

gatoriniowa:: Jevan, do you think you're the best QB in Texas this year?

Jevan Snead:: "That's hard to say. There's a lot of great QB's in Texas but that's for other people to determine. I definitely think I'm near the top."

turn1200:: Jevan - are you doing any sort of specific workout for your injury?

Jevan Snead:: "I've just been working out my knee and everything and making sure I get all the flexibility back and all of that. I work on it about 45 minutes a day. Just stuff that targets the knee."

WheelerTheGreat:: Jevan, non college question, but what is your favorite NFL team and who is your current favorite NFL player?????????????

Jevan Snead:: "My favorite NFL team.. I don't know that's tough. Growing up I watched the Cowboys and even though they're not at their peak right now I'll have to go with them. Michael Vick and Peyton Manning are up there at the top for me." .

NorthWestGator:: Jevan are you excited to compete with josh portis?

Jevan Snead:: "Oh yes sir definitely. I'm very excited about going in there and seeing what I can do against him."

BrowardCoGator:: Jevan, what are your goals for the Spring when you enroll early?

Jevan Snead:: "My goals for the spring are just to get there and get settled in. Meet everybody and just start competing right away."

acelaw:: jevan-you still graduating high school in december and starting at uf in jan?

Jevan Snead:: "I am enrolling in January."

cbreezeinsider:: Jevon are you looking forward to learning how to surf?

Jevan Snead:: "Surfing? I guess so. I've never tried it before but hey, it looks fun."

GatorDon:: Have you followed SEC football very much at this point?

Jevan Snead:: "I really haven't followed the SEC that much because I never knew where I was going until recently. I have started following it more now."

NorthWestGator:: Jevan, Myron rolle or percy harvin?

Jevan Snead:: "I can't say. They're both phenomenal athletes. That's really tough. If I had my choice, I'd take both Rolle and Harvin."

BrowardCoGator:: Jevan, what do you see as your biggest strengths as a QB?

Jevan Snead:: "My biggest strength.. I guess I have good accuracy and field awareness."

PerdidoKeyGator:: Jevon don't most athletes from Stephville go on to the Rodeo?

Jevan Snead:: "I cant say that the majority do but our outside linebacker right now rides bulls and there's a couple of others. I'm not much of a bull rider myself but I have messed around with them a little bit."

GatorDon:: What are your academic interests, and what part did that play in your decision?

Jevan Snead:: "I really have no clue about academics yet. I'm gonna go on that undecided program and see what happens from there."

STR8OUTDASWAMP1:: Do you have any concerns about the ferver of football fans in the SEC and do opposing fans getting on your case make you angry or make you feel empowered?

Jevan Snead:: "Oh, well I haven't really heard from many opposing fans yet but the other day in the scrimmage one of the officials told me he was going to have to penalize me for choosing Florida over Alabama."

turn1200:: Jevan - what do you feel are your strengths and what do you feel you need to improve on?

Jevan Snead:: "Overall I'd have to say improving my knee. That's mostly it right now. After that, I'll get my footwork down and stuff like that."

fishgator69:: Jevan, how is Stephenville looking this year? My buddy shane freels is always bragging on you guys.

Jevan Snead:: "Were looking pretty good this year. We have all but one of our OL's coming back this year and most of our receivers. Were looking to go pretty far and hopefully win it all."

NYGator1991:: Jevan, give us something about Jevan that we wouldn't know by reading the articles or interviews

Jevan Snead:: "Gosh, I don't know. Let me ask my friends real quick.... This is really hard. I guess just tell them that I used to show sheep in livestock shows. That's a good one" (laughing)"

PerdidoKeyGator:: Jevon do you run into many Gators?

Jevan Snead:: "Actually I've ran into quite a few Gator fans out here. They tell me congratulations and they're looking forward to seeing me play."

oldgatorbroad:: Do you have a girlfriend and if so will she go to UF?

Jevan Snead:: "I don't have a girlfriend actually."

Ryan Jordan:: Let me give Jevan a chance to say something before we get out of here….

Jevan Snead:: "I'm just looking forward to getting to Florida and being a part of a great program. Go Gators!"

Ryan Jordan:: I'd like to send a special thanks to Jevan Snead for taking the time to be our guest tonight, and also to everyone who submitted questions. Thanks for joining us!


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