ASK ACK: More questions and answers on UF football

Here is this week's installment of Ask Ack, where former Gator football player and now radio personality/TV analyst for Sun Sports Brady Ackerman answers your questions about the Florida Gators. Ask Ack is a weekly feature of throughout football season.

Ack: There has been a lot of discussion about this new offense. Do you think the players will struggle early to get this system down, the way Meyer wants them to execute? Gator Don

I think the offense will experience more success against another defense that has not seen it everyday for 40 practices and so forth. The offense is based on matchups and execution and I think UF has found the right matchups in camp but at times has not executed it as well. The first two opponents should provide little resistance to the Gator attack. However, UF must do a better job of protecting the football because that is always the great equalizer against less talented teams. I look for UF to practice "success" in the last week of preparations prior to game week. What I mean by that is that the offense will go against the scout team in a Wyoming look and it will start to get the feel and rhythm, Coach Meyer is looking for.

Brady: How will the differences in the defense effect the overall success of the defense. Also do you see any bright spots in the WR and RB's? Lastly what are your overall predictions for the Gators this season? Mike

I have said many times that I believe the scheme fits the players. This system with Strong and Mattison is more suited to the type of athletes UF has. If Florida was two deep at every position like USC or Oklahoma was last year then maybe you don't attack as much because you are better than everyone else. Stoops cut his teeth on blitzing but in recent years got away from it as he loaded up on talent. I think UF has good depth on the line and real good depth in the secondary so look for the defense to get after teams with that personnel. I think the bright spots at WR are obvious with Chad Jackson and Bubba Caldwell. I like some of the freshman in Nyan Boatang, David Nelson and Louis Murphy. At running back, Kestahn Moore has been a nice surprise. I think the Gators will finish 9-2 and win their bowl game to finish in the top 7 at 10-2.

Ack: You sound much more conservative on TV than you do in your Q&A. For example on TV you emphasized our lack of depth on both O and D-lines and receiver (I think those were the ones) were a very serious concern. If anything bad happens to our starters, we could be in trouble in the fourth like last year. (Or something like that). I have no problem with either, however, I get sucked-in every "start of the year" by getting over optimistic concerning our probability of success ( does this to me). I do not think anything sinister is at hand but it is simply a difference in tone between your TV voice and written voice. And the question: Is depth a serious problem this year or is it that we have depth just without experience? Droppingin

Well first of all thanks for watching our television show. A lot of times we are given topics days in advance and video to support it. I try to be fair in my analysis without being overly critical. I think in this day and age everyone on television is trying to draw attention to themselves although count me as one of the few Stephen A. Smith fans when it comes to NBA, but not for his new show. The fact is, depth is a major issue at a lot of programs and who wants to lose a starter? I feel better about the defensive line at UF than I did fifteen days ago and the secondary as well. I do not feel that good about UF's linebackers and that may not matter. Most teams win with their starters and if you look at the last couple of National Champions going back to FSU in 1999, all of them had minimal injuries. For my written voice I am probably more biased because of my loyalty to UF and our football program. I don't want to glorify my existence but I was part of something special in 1991 and I believe it should be that way every year. Depth is only a serious problem is you run out of players!

Ack: With the Wyoming game right around the corner is Meyer using this week to get ready for the opener? Bob

I think Florida will work on the Cowboys this week. Meyer and his staff are very familiar with Wyoming so as a staff they should know what to expect and can implement some of it this week. The Gators will have a "Wyoming" scrimmage in which the offense and defense will simulate what the Cowboys do. This will be a little more live than it would be during game week. With UF running the spread offense it should help the Gator defense from practice to the games for Wyoming and Louisana Tech.

Yes, you will see some of Charlie's "Joker" package at UF this season. It is usually a 3-3-5 look where he gets the best eleven athletes on the field. He will use this in second and long and third and long situations in which the defense is winning the battle of the chains. In this package the third linebacker could be Jarvis Herring and the three down lineman could be Mincey,Thomas and McDonald. He likes to blitz from the slot area off the receiver and UF could really cause Wyoming some trouble with this should they stop the Cowboys on first down and get them behind the chains.

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