NEW FEATURE: Gator Country Recruiting Blog

As part of a long-time Gator Country trend of continually improving and staying on the leading edge, we're proud to officially launch our "Gator Country Recruiting Blog" where you can get the latest tidbits, rumors, news, and opinions on Gator Recruiting from a dedicated core of recruitniks whose sole responsibility is to provide a steady stream of information to you.

You can hit the Gator Country Recruiting Blog here. If you have RSS readers, you can add it to your list of feeds as well!

Don't know what a blog is? Click here for a definition.

"Blogs" were actually an old Gator Country feature back in the old days when we had a recruiting dispatch, Swampie's Rumor Mill, and the Gator Manuel as part of our famous Recruiting Central area. We're just reviving an old pasttime of ours that promises to be quite informative and yet entertaining.

We're still "recruiting" a few more die-hard and well informed recrutniks to help maintain the blog, so if you're interested and you meet the above qualities, feel free to contact us!

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