Q And A With Gator DT Lutrell Alford

Lutrell Alford is living the dream every day. After a year at Furman University, Alford transferred to Florida and walked to the football team. After a year on the scout team where he was practice fodder, the 6-2, 290-pound sophomore defensive tackle who prepped at Gainesville Eastside finds himself in a position to be a solid contributor for the Gators he grew up loving.

With starter Marcus Thomas still dealing with occasional soreness and other lingering effects of back surgery, Alford has become a backup who should see his share of playing time beginning Saturday evening when he runs through the tunnel for the first time at The Swamp with 90,000-plus fans going crazy. He took a few moments after practice on Tuesday to talk about his Gator experience.

Bob Redman: Since we are not allowed to watch practice, I just wanted to make sure where you are now positioned on the depth chart at defensive tackle?

Lutrell Alford: I am running second team defensive line.

BR: You came rrom Furman two years ago. What are the main differences from what you were seeing every day there on the practice field, as what you are getting a taste of here at Florida?

Lutrell Alford, #99...

LA: The size (of everyone) is a lot bigger. Down there [Division I-AA] the offenses are a lot different … there is a lot of running. It's kind of like high school.

BR: What are the defensive coaches expecting from you this week and for the season?

LA: They are expecting to play when I am needed and go hard. I am just going to play whenever they call me. If I play I am going to go hard.

BR: You got to run out of the tunnel last year at Florida Field, but you were not going to play. This year, it's different. What will it feel like to run out of that tunnel in your home town of Gainesville with all those rabid fans screaming at you?

LA: It's going to be fun. I am going to try not to let it get to me too much and stay focused on the game.

BR: Being a local product, are you expecting a large family turnout for the game this week?

LA: I should have a lot of family in the stands. I have a lot of family all over Gainesville. Everybody is real excited.

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