CHAT TRANSCRIPT: Chat with Damian Williams

Wednesday night's chat, hosted by and Ryan Jordan, was a resounding success with almost 200 folks at one time peppering Gator commitment QB Damian Williams with plenty of questions and answers. Read on and discover more about the Arkansas Talent who says his commitment to the Gators is 100% firm.

Ryan Jordan:: Alright I've got Damian on the line and were ready for questions...

GATORooski:: Damian, what excites you most about the Urban Meyer offense?

Damian Williams:: ""It's very similar to the one I run now. I like how he uses his receivers. They don't only catch the ball, they run the ball."

MajorGator:: Damian what are you most looking forward to when you get to UF?

Damian Williams:: "Just being around the people. From what I can tell, there are good kids there and people who work hard and want to win championships. Coaches are dedicated to their players and fan support seems to be outstanding."

dearley76:: Damian What Game are you going to Visit GO GATORS

Damian Williams:: "I'm not quite sure on my visit down there yet with our schedule. I'm actually leanings towards the FSU or the Tennessee game but I'm not sure that's going to work out."

BossGator1:: Question: Mr. Williams what was the deciding factor in your choosing UF?

Damian Williams:: "I didn't have one factor it was just a combo. Coaches were great, facilities were amazing and UF is the top 10 business schools in the country. It's a great opportunity to get ahead there if football doesn't work out."

GatorAngler:: Damian, who do you want to room with at UF?

Damian Williams:: "Were all a team so right now it wouldn't matter at all who I room with."

heismangator:: DAmian, who else are you helping recruit ti join you at UF

Damian Williams:: "Pretty much anybody that just wants to be at Florida. I know there are a lot of great recruits out there but everyone has to do what's best for them like I did. I don't see why you wouldn't go to Florida."

bamagata:: DW..what other recruits have you been talking to?

Damian Williams:: "Actually I got a chance to meet other prospects. Not necessarily commitments to UF but people at the Army combine and the individual camps."

blissgator:: Damian, how hard will it be for you to play against Mitch in the upcoming years?

Damian Williams:: "Playing against Mitch wont be too bad. Obviously we've been friends almost our whole lives. People don't know this but I've known him longer than everyone else. It will be emotional but you're out there to compete and I love that."

BossGator1:: In viewing your video, you seem equally good at WR and DB do you have a preference?

Damian Williams:: "I really don't have a preference for position. I just want to contribute."

BrowardCoGator:: Damian, we're excited to have you coming to UF, are you 100% committed or did Mustain's commitment make you think it over some more?

Damian Williams:: "I'm 100% committed to THE Florida Gators."

DoctorF:: At any point did you try to talk Mustain into coming to UF, or has he tried to talk you into going to Arkansas?

Damian Williams:: "Sometimes we kind of joke about it or whatever but when you have that many choices there is no wrong decision. I would have loved for Mitch to come with me and vis versa but were going to stick with our decisions."

Gatorhiggz:: Name 1 recruit you'd like to go to Gainesville with you.

Damian Williams:: "1 recruit to go to Gainesville with me... hmm. I really don't know one. There's quite a few. Receivers wise I've seen a couple of guys in action. Percy Harvin is a good one and so is Vidal Hazelton. I like Riley Cooper's film and Myron Rolle also."

Gatorbred:: What is your current height and weight?

Damian Williams:: "I am actually 6'2 190"

GatorAngler:: Damian, did Spurrier try to recruit you at all?

Damian Williams:: "Yep. Spurrier did try."

turn1200:: Who is the best player you've played with or gone against in High School?

Damian Williams:: "The best player I ever played with would be pretty much our whole team. They're all good. Even the guys who haven't gotten all the hype and attention."

Damian Williams:: "Against... Maybe Slick Shelley from Fort Smith and he went to Tennessee."

NYGator1991:: Damian, can you tell us a little about your current and future teammate, ben cleveland

Damian Williams:: "Ben is just an all around athlete for as big as he is. A lot of people that big cant move that well. You don't see 6'5 235 guys that can play DL, LB and probably WR. He's got great hands."

DoctorF:: What impressed you about Urban Meyer? Was there any one instance when you knew you had to come play for him?

Damian Williams:: "I've kind of watched Coach Meyer's work over the last few years in turning around Utah and Bowling Green. That's not the players, that's the coach. He's instilled something in his players to make them want to give their all. He just made me feel at home there with my parents. It's hard for them to just give me away and he just convinced them as well as me."

GatorAngler:: Damian, will your folks come to GVille for the games or watch via satellite or cable?

Damian Williams:: "My folks will be at every single game I play. If the game is not in Gainesville, they'll be somewhere else."

g8tor1999:: Have you had agame this year and how did you do?

Damian Williams:: "We had a scrimmage. Our first game is actually this Saturday and it's on FOX. We play Shreveport Evangel. In our scrimmage I had 4 catches for 70 something yards."

GATORSSWAGGER:: Question: Damian, I'm looking forward to watching Springdale in action this year. Do you guys plan on doing any gator chomps for a local gator?

Damian Williams:: "We'll see how that goes. A lot of people wont be too happy if I do the chomp during the game."

NYGator1991:: Damian, when did Coach Meyer first contact you about becoming a gator?

Damian Williams:: "Actually my coach got mail via e-mail from Coach Gonzalez and he told me he wanted to talk to me. When I called I talked to Coach Meyer and we just kind of hit it off."

dogtown1234:: Were do you think rolle will end up?

Damian Williams:: "I hope it's to Florida. I really don't know where he's going. I talked to him at Oklahoma's Red/White game but neither of us knew much of anything."

dearley76:: Damian what did you think of the Swamp when you visited and what gator player did you connect with the most

Damian Williams:: "The Swamp is absolutely amazing. I've never seen anything like it. From the street just pulling in, it was huge. It's so tall and so huge that it makes the field look shorter."

Damian Williams:: "I got a chance to hang out with Tate Casey and I met Chris Leak and Andre Caldwell, Dallas Baker and those guys. My parents have actually had phone conversations with Jermalle Cornelius and Chad Jackson."

DoctorF:: What aspects of your game do you want to improve most before coming to Gainesville?

Damian Williams:: "I think I could polish my overall game. I'm good at a lot of things but not great at anything yet other than giving my all."

NYGator1991:: When did coaches first contact him?

Damian Williams:: "I would say they offered maybe around the middle of April. That's just a guess."

youmustbeGatorBAIT:: predicitions on our season

Damian Williams:: "Umm.. I think Coach Meyer is gonna do a great job with the team. I hope they can go all the way. I think they have the tools and the coaches."

ETGator1:: Any chance at early enrollment in January?

Damian Williams:: "Umm. I probably will not graduate early. I talked about with my parents but I have track season here and all that."

gatorgolfer:: If you ran the forty 10 times what would your average speed be?

Damian Williams:: "Average forty.. probably high 4.4's maybe

BossGator1:: What are your personal goals for this year, will you play both ways?

Damian Williams:: "Goals for this year. Big goal is to win state. I don't really set many goals necessarily. Yeah you want to go out and catch so many yards but my ultimate goal is just to get better. Make myself better."


Damian Williams:: "I like to play golf. Umm.. I'm all about the text messaging on cell phones. A lot of people dont know this but in my spare time I do a little doodling and writing poetry too."

heismangator:: DW, what is your impression of the QB commit Jevon Snead?

Damian Williams:: "I've actually never met Jevan or see him play yet but from when Mitchell went to the Elite 11, he said he's pretty good. Florida offered him, so he's got to be pretty good."

cbreezeinsider:: DW how would you rate your blocking skills?

Damian Williams:: "I'd say I'm one of the better receivers in blocking. I take pride in blocking because I actually believe that opens up the pass."

blissgator:: Damian, has the news of the hurricanes given you second thoughts about living in florida

Damian Williams:: "No way. I'm not concerned with the weather."

NYGator1991:: Damian, did Mitchell talk about Tebow at all?

Damian Williams:: "Mitchell said Tebow was a pretty good quarterback as well. That's all he had to say."

dearley76:: What area of business are you going to study

Damian Williams:: "Probably either management or marketing. I thought Biz MGT and sports marketing has kind of been flashing around as well. We'll see."


Damian Williams:: "Best moment... Probably running around the field with Coach Gonzalez son Cole. He's real active so he kept me entertained as well. Also meeting all the coaches and their family."

montigator:: Damien, what wide receiver do you try and model your game after?

Damian Williams:: "Tough question... Jerry Rice is the greatest of all time. You always can learn something from him. I like Braylon Edwards, Peter Warrick..."

GATORooski:: Damian, what is your best forty time?

Damian Williams:: "4.44"

GATORSSWAGGER:: Damian, do you realize you're the reason 200 people are in this GatorCountry chatroom?

Damian Williams:: "I appreciate everyone of you guys in here."

candymanfromgc:: Damien, have you learned about the rilvalries yet and if so , do you hate Fla. State already?

Damian Williams:: "I wouldn't necessarily say I hate FSU yet but that's something I'll have to learn. Tennessee, Georgia... Those are big games. Pretty much anyone UF plays is big. Wearing that blue and orange is special and I have to take pride in that."

dearley76:: do you return kicks for your team?

Damian Williams:: "I do return kicks and punts."

heismangator:: Damien, you will probably be in the top WR class in the country this year, that has to make you feel good to be involved in that

Damian Williams:: "I'm real excited. Anytime you get to be in the top of anything in the country. That's an honor. To be mentioned with some of the guys in this class is great."

bamagata:: DW..are you qualified academically?

Damian Williams:: "I am qualified."

imaGATORholic:: Are you looking forward to runniung out of the tunnel for the first game between all our old great Gator players?

Damian Williams:: "I can't wait to run out. I hear there is nothing like it."

gatorlynch:: Damien do you feel your versatility will enable you to contribute at UF early?

Damian Williams:: "I would hope that helps me out. Only Coach Meyer and Gonzalez can determine that but I want to play as early as I can."

candymanfromgc:: Will you watch the Wyoming game and pick a score.

Damian Williams:: "Actually I probably wont see the Wyoming game because we play at 2:00 and then it's a double header on FOX and the 2nd game is West-Monroe and Longview Texas. I have some family at West-Monroe so I probably wont see the game but I'll tape it…As far as the score.. Just Florida on top at the end."

blissgator:: Damien, are you sporting any gator gear yet? hats, etc.

Damian Williams:: "I've actually been a Gator fan my whole life so I've got this mini helmet I've had since I was 6. I have a phone with the gator logo and shorts, shirts."

Damian Williams:: "Just tell them I appreciate the support and I'm looking forward to coming out and playing. I'll be on TV 2:00CT this Friday."

Many thanks to Ryan Jordan for making this happen and to Damian Williams for joining us. Here's to a successful year for Damian.

Keep an eye on Gator Country for more future chats with Gator commitments and recruits!

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