GAMEDAY: Virtual Playbook - Wyoming vs. Gators

Now that football season's upon us, we return a very popular and unique component of our spectacular Game Day Coverage - our Virtual Playbook. In it, we break down how Wyoming will be attacking the Gators on both sides of the ball.


The Passing Game

Wyoming starts most series of downs in a two tight end and one back set. They like to run out of two tight end formation, but will throw the ball out of the same set.

The Cowboys are more of a five step drop passing team and not a quick passing team. We will see some play action on Saturday. There will be a lot of two by two formations meaning a tight end and wide receiver on each side of the offensive line, or two wide receivers if they are in a four wide receiver set.

We will see a lot of Spurrier-esque routes including the infamous curl-flat combination seen on the left side of this formation. The Cover-1 ( a free safety deep and strong safety up or blitzing) the Gators use is good against this, but look for it to happen if the Gators come only in a Cover-2 look or twin safeties on the hash.

The Running Game

The Cowboys love to run the inside zone. Inside Zone blocking implies all the linemen pushing the defense in a certain direction the running back takes an angle to the side of the play call but inside of the tackles. The blockers push and shove and the back's responsibility is to cut back in the best gap between defenders.

Here we see an "Iso" play with a lead back. In the blocking up front, the center and left guard double up on the nose guard (N). The blocking illustrates that when the center gets control of the nose guard, the left guard brushes off and moves to block a secondary defender (in ths case the MIke linebacker (M). The second tight end from motion leads the tailback through the hole to the left of the left guard and pushes through to the will (W) linebacker. The tailback reads that block and runs on either side of the block and into the secondary. In this play the Gator linebackers have to maintain gaps and pinch the blocks down so that the holes the backs are running through are smaller.

Wyoming Defense

Wyoming will run a lot of 3-deep coverage. They play a free safety in the middle of the field, with the cornerbacks dropping into deep coverage. The red areas above show the spots that are quickest to attack.

With the same defenders basically taking the same drops, the Cowboys sometimes run another form of th Cover-3, commonly called the quarter-quarter-half in the secondary. In this coverage the left corner and the free safety split the left side of the left hash while the core corner or short side corner covers the has to the right sideline. This is usually run when the offense has an unbalanced look like the two receivers to the left side above.

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