GAMEDAY: Bulldogs vs. Gators Virtual Playbook

Delve into our virtual playbook for this week's game against Louisiana Tech Bulldogs - see what the Gators are facing from them on both offense and defense in this exclusive and very unique virtual playbook!

La-Tech Offense

Passing Game

The Bulldogs are a big boot and screen team and not as much drop back passing. Both quarterbacks are capable throwers but (#13) Matt Kubik is probably the more reliable thrower. They have one receiver (#7) Johnathan Holland, and he can burn anyone. They will take some shots downfield with him, but more so, they tend to go underneath.

Running Game

Louisiana Tech runs a lot of one back and one tight end sets. They will spread the field much like the Gators' offense this year and the staff expects them to spread it even more having lost two tight ends from last years team, they expect four wide receoiver sets at times. When the quarterback is under center they run a lot of zone runs shown above.

(#17) is Donald Allen and is a really athletic quarterback that is very adept at running the option. The Bulldogs run a lot of the option. A problem the Gators face is they don't know what quarterback will be on the field.

The Read Option shown above allows the qurterback to hand off to the running back or keep it if the end that is set free crashes down hard. When they get into same personnel with tight end trips, they run the triple option offense, very similar to ours with the slot circling the backfield.

La-Tech Defense

The Bulldogs run too many defenses to point them out.. The most different thing they do is try and confuse the blockers up front by having their linemen and linebackers constantly moving around. they will rush the ends from the middle and the defensive tackle from the end. They run a 3-4 personnel and will blitz from any position on the field. The Gators' zone running scheme will be really important here.

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