POSTGAME: Gator Plays and Players of the Game

Here's Gator Country's official Play of the Game and Players of the Game from last night's game against hte Louisiana Tech Bulldogs in which the Gators won 41-3.

Play of the Game.

DeShawn Wynn's 24 yard touchdown catch of a wheel route at the right corner of the end zone was a thing of beauty. Starting from the backfield, Wynn curled out to the outside and speeds down field. As the ball is lofted in the air the safety comes from the right hash and targets the ball in flight. Wynn, with deft and remarkable agility, snags the ball and completely eludes the safety while seemingly changing his path in mid-air.

Offensive Player of the Game.

Running Back DeShawn Wynn

Wynn has the longest run of the season so far with his 50 yard jaunt on the first play of the Gators second possession. He ran hard and looked like a different runner showing agility in traffic. The staff really put him through the wringer and ran him into tough situations, he responded with three touchdowns, two on foot and one reception. He also finished with 101 yards rushing, his first 100 yard game since Miami in 2003. Gator quarterback Chris leak appreciates what Wynn brings to the game.

"It's always a great thing, especially for a quarterback to have a running game being a big part if your offense," Leak said. "It makes it easier for the receivers and puts less pressure on us, it keeps the defense on their heels and gives us balance."

According to Leak, this week was a long time coming for Wynn, who sat out last week's game due to undisclosed reasons.

"He seemed like his every day self," Leak said. "He wanted to be out there bad last week, he wanted to play for his team and he was going to give everything he has, and that's what he told me."

Gators Head Coach Urban Meyer was pleased with the performance and looks ready to see just how far Wynn will take his ability.

"I think DeShawn practiced well this week and deserved the opportunity to play." Meyer said. "He ran hard tonight, he has good speed and I was impressed with his abilities tonight. Do I trust him yet? I am starting to."

Defensive Players of the Game

The UF Secondary

This could go to the defensive line who was supplying the heat all night., but the secondary played well and accounted for two of the three interceptions on the night. The Gator secondary continues to get stellar play from cornerbacks Vernell Brown and Dee Webb. Webb had an interception tonight. Teammate Reggie Nelson was all over the field himself and had a hand in Webb's interception.

"We were in man coverage," Webb said about the interception. "They were throwing to Reggie Nelson's man, he had good coverage and deflected it. Once I turned around and the ball was in the air, I made a play on the ball."

It was Webb's first pick of the season after a few close calls in game one. Kyle Jackson was happy for Webb to get his first.

"Good, I was excited he (Webb) got one," Jackson said.

Jackson didn't disappoint and came away with an interception of his own.

"The quarterback checked off and they were kind of moving around, but Vernell got a great jam on him (the receiver) and the quarterback looked my way the whole time," Jackson said. "He was the only wide receiver over there. I gambled and took the snag," said Kyle.

Newcomer Nelson was in on the first series of the game and saw lot of action on the evening against the Louisiana Tech spread offense. Nelson was disruptive and having a good time out there playing with his old high school teammate Joe Cohen at defensive end.

"It feels real good to be out there with my boy," Nelson said. "I am loving that. It felt real good, like Palm Bay all over again."

The UF secondary gave up just 117 yards on 32 pass attempts. That averages to a little more than 3.5 yards a pass. They accounted for numerous tipped balls and two interceptions. They were flying around the field like the Gator staff wants them to do. This unit was the best on the defensive side of the ball.

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