Degory Sees Room For Improvement On OL

Not only did the Florida Gators meet and exceed their goals Saturday night when they turned in 251 rushing yards against Louisiana Tech, two of the chief weapons in that ground game earned Champion status for the week. Tailback DeShawn Wynn was the most visible element of the rushing attack, but often he was running through a hole opened up by center Mike Degory, who graded 82 percent for the week.

Degory, a senior from Melbourne Palm Bay, started his 40th consecutive game last week against Louisiana Tech. He's happy to see the Gators back in the top ten in both polls but he knows that there is plenty of room to improve.

"We still have a lot to improve on, including myself," Degory said. "We showed a lot of improvement from game one to game two, now we have to show some from game two to game three."

Of course game three is a huge hurdle as the University of Tennessee comes to town. The Volunteers were picked to win the eastern division of the SEC and by most to win the conference all together. The monumental task in front of the Gators will only happen if the Gators continue to get better in the running game.

"Any time we play a big time game, we have to establish a running game," he said. "It makes everything easier. If you know every time you hand the ball off you will get four to five yards, the mechanics of everything run smoother. That will be crucial, it's a big key. For so many years the team that has rushed more has won."

Tennessee has been known for its prowess running the ball. They will be a far cry from the teams that the Gators faced this past two weeks. Degory was not above giving those two teams their due in terms of playing the game hard.

"I'm not going to bad mouth anybody," he said. "I think each team had a different style, I think all those guys worked hard and gave it their all."

Games like the one this week are why Degory came to play at the University of Florida. The Vols bring their passion for the sport along with the hype and all the Gator fans in the stands, this game is ready to be a knock-down drag-out. It's his last go at it and it should be no holds barred.

"I think it is just exciting to play Tennessee," he said. "This is my swan song, the last time to play them and that is what's exciting. It could be 12 at night out on I-75 or something it doesn't matter. We always have a new wrinkle for every opponent and we will have more this week."

Saturday, Gator fans will see how far Urban Meyer has transformed his team into playing big time football. The Gators seemed poised to step up big, but the contest will be tough. For grizzly veterans like Mike Degory it is what playing in the SEC and big time college football is all about. It should be fun for the fans too.

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