RECRUITING: Hornsby - Star Light, Star Bright

Jamar Hornsby ranks third nationally as a five star wide receiver recruit. His team at Sandalwood High went up against Deltona on Friday night. He was able to show why he has five stars performing to the tune of 8 receptions, 160 yards, 2 touchdowns as Sandalwood High won 48-21. Jamar's star worthy performance was bright despite the injured shoulder, of which he said "The shoulder is still bothering me a little but I am dealing with it."

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After the star quality performance, Jamar made the trip from Jacksonville to The Swamp, home of the University of Florida Gators, on Saturday. Jamar, along with a record breaking crowd of 90,716 fans would witness the annual Tennessee vs. Florida rivalry. This heated battle was supposed to mark Jamar's official visit to University of Florida, however at the last minute Jamar decided to just make this an experience instead of an official visit. Jamar will make the Florida vs. Florida State match up on November 26 his official visit to the University of Florida and The Swamp. Jamar attended the Wyoming and Tennessee games in The Swamp and left with a new respect for Gator fans: "They showed the players so much love it was crazy! I had fans from Gainesville that I did not think knew me screaming my name Hornsby, Hornsby…., It was crazy."

Jamar lists Florida as the school that is in the lead to receive his five star talent. Along with Florida, the other choices he expressed interest in are Georgia, Michigan, and USC. Not in any particular order, each school has a reason for Jamar's starlight being shown their way.

Jamar said the reason he was interested in Georgia because he was born there. Jamar's brother's best friend, Fred Gibson, attended and played for the University of Georgia football team. Fred Gibson has been feeding Jamar facts about the Bulldogs. Jamar has not spoken to Fred in the past few weeks, but he has not completely ruled Georgia out. "I am going to keep Georgia on my mind," said Jamar.

Michigan is on the list for two reasons: Michigan runs a NFL style offense that Jamar likes. He also likes the fact that " They promised me that I could wear the jersey with the number one on it." The number one jersey is important to Jamar because "When I think about it everyone that has worn that jersey has gone to the next level. I'm just trying to get to the next level like everybody else." Jamar is scheduled to visit Ann Harbor on October 15 when Michigan faces Penn State.

Past performance of a university does attract attention of star talent. The defending national champions,USC, are getting a look from Jamar just because they are national champions. "I'm trying to get a national championship out there - it's a great program," said Jamar.

University of Florida leads the pack with the spread offense and the love that he received from the fans and players. The University of Florida's offense left a lasting impression on Jamar. "Florida plays the spread offense Michigan plays with two receivers, but Florida plays with five."

Jamar Hornsby is looking forward to every recruiting visit. "This happens once in a life time not everybody get to go through so this I'm just loving it".

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