2003 Basketball Recruit: Chris Richard (C, PF)

Chris Richard is one of the biggest surprises this year in the world of basketball recruiting. He broke onto the scene this past season and now has received attention from some of the top schools in the country, one of which is Florida.

School Preferences: Florida, Alabama, Auburn, FSU, Maryland, and Indiana (in no particular order)


Offers: Florida and Alabama


"I like Florida because its in Gainesville, it close to home and I have family there.  I got family in Maryland too.  But that is far off [from home].  The other schools, I like them but there is nothing special with them."


"I met a bunch of the coaches.  I met Billy Donovan, and I met a bunch of assistant coaches.  I met [former] coach Robinson from Florida State.  I have met so many it is hard to remember." 


"It was a coming our party for me [this past season]. My freshman year was my first year playing basketball and I was on JV.  I didn't play much that year.  I went up to varsity my sophomore year, we won states that year.  I started just about every game last season. I averaged about 16 point a game, 9 rebounds, 4-5 blocks, and 2-3 assists."


"Right now, I'm just watching and seeing what seniors are leaving.  I want to go to a top school but I want to play.  It's hard to sit on the bench and just watch.  I mean I know I've got to wait my turn and learn the system but I want to play."



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