Signee Q&A: Jemalle Cornelius

UFI had a chance to talk with incoming freshman Jemalle Cornelius. Amongst other things Jemalle talked about his visit to UF, the sports he currently is in, whether or not he is fully qualified, and his opinion of the new Gator offense.

What is your current height, weight, and 40 time?

6-0, 175, 4.40


Can you talk about how you think you did this past football season?

I think I did pretty well.  I had to adjust to a new position [quarterback].  I think I did well.  We were at the state championship game for the third year in a row.


Currently are you doing any sports?  If so, how are they going?

I'm in baseball.  We're 18-7.  I'm batting .660.  I am getting ready for a district track meet also.


Will you talk about your official visit to UF?

I enjoyed it.  I met Carlos Perez.  We've got a lot in common.  I liked Coach Zook.  He was really enthusiastic.  I was a little worried at first [about the offense] but he reassured me.  From then on I knew that is where I wanted to be.


What made you select UF over the other schools that recruited you?

I think because I wanted to stay in Florida.  They throw the ball.  I think Coach Dixon also.  He is probably the best college football coach at receiver in the country.  Florida's got a great combination with great academics and football.


What do you think of Coach Zook and the staff he has assembled?

Well they got Coach Zaunbrecher so you know they are going to pass and they got Coach Fedora so you know they are going to run.  To win in college football you need to run and pass.  They are going to run the ball more but they are still going to pass a lot and give us an opportunity [to catch the ball].


What are your plans for this summer regarding training?  Will you be attending summer B?

Right now, I am on the workout they sent me. I have been doing it and then I will go from there.  In May I will run and probably condition with my team.  I will be at summer B.


Talk about what you plan on majoring in.

Probably education.  I probably will be a teaching coach [in football] somewhere down the line.


As a freshman do you plan on redshirting and what are your goals for your freshman year?

I just want to have considerable playing time.  If I have to redshirt it won't be a problem but I would rather play and get in and learn the offense as much as I can.


Were you at the Orange and Blue Game?  What did you think of the offense?

Yes sir I went to the Orange and Blue game. I liked the offense.  They ran the ball a lot more and they even ran the option a little.  It was a little different but it will be effective.  I liked it.


Are you currently fully qualified? 

Yes sir.


What jersey number would you like to wear at UF?

Right now, I don't really care.  I wore 10 in high school but I think the backup QB Ingle Martin has that.  My dad was 15 in high school so I might try and get that.  Right now I'd say I will try and get 15.


Do you have any idea about who you want to be your roommate?

When I went to the California Bowl I roomed with Taurean Charles. I recently talked with Ray McDonald.  I will probably end up with Ray.


Were you upset when Spurrier retired?  Did you ever worry about who the coach would be? 

I guess I was surprised.  But I thought for sure they would get Coach Stoops.  When that fell through I was unsure about who it was going to be.  But they got a great coach. 


How soon after Coach Zook was hired did he contact you?

He came down to my school three days after he was hired.  I was impressed with him then. 


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