FIVE STARS: Gable Is A Monster On The Field

Put C.J. Gable on a football field and his entire personality changes. Off the field he is a polite, caring young man who is popular with his Sylmar (CA) classmates. On the field, it's no more Mr. Nice Guy. On the field, the five star-rated (by running back/defensive back, has the kind of nastiness in his game that has the top football programs in the nation offering scholarships.

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The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality works well for's sixth-rated running back in the nation.

"I am strong and durable, a monster on the field," Gable said. "I am humble and nice off the field."

The monster in him came out recently on a highlight reel play in which he made two defenders pay a severe price for trying to tackle him.

"I caught a pass and got hit by two players," he said. "I stayed up, and ran it in for a touchdown.

With Gable as the leader, Sylmar has begun the season in dominating fashion including a blowout win over arch-rival El Camino. The dominance on the playing field has everything to do with his work ethic on the practice field where he leads by example. In the class room, Gable is also showing the kind of work ethic that gets the job done.

"School is going great," he said. "I am on track to graduate and have already taken all my core classes."

The University of Florida has Gable on its hot list for the recruiting class of 2006. The Gators like Gable mostly as a defensive back. Even though he loves to run with the football, the Gators have played it straight with him, letting him know their place of need is in the secondary.

"I like the Florida offense and how it can strike from anywhere," Gable said. "I like how they use the running back and I watched the Tennessee game. Coach (Stan) Drayton is real nice and cool. I like talking to him. I will play either side … it doesn't matter. They [Gators] are recruiting me as an athlete and mostly as a defensive back. I can play free safety or corner."

He will take his official visits after the season but where he visits isn't quite certain at this point because his list is ever changing. He has a top five of USC, Miami, Florida, UCLA, and LSU. He talked about the other four schools in his top five.

USC: "I like their offense, and how they use their running backs. The coaches are real cool and nice. I have a good relationship with them. They are recruiting me as an athlete."

MIAMI: "I like their defense. They have a hard hitting defense. They are recruiting me as an athlete."

UCLA: "They have almost the same offense as USC's, that's what I like about them. They are recruiting me as an athlete.

LSU: "I like their defense. That's where they want me."

With all of this in mind, the qualities that are going to lure Gable to a certain school are quite simple, none of which have to do with football.

"They have to have a good architecture school," he said. "They have to have good surroundings and mom has to like the school too."

C.J. Gable will be a signing day coup for whichever school lands him. He's a multi-dimensional player who will find his way to the playing field wherever he goes. The Gators are hoping that he decides to be a monster on the field in Gainesville for the next four years.

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