POSTGAME: Gators vs. Bama Player/Coach Quotes

Coach Meyer: "There is a big difference between being ready and being prepared. And we got beat by a team that was better prepared. Pass defense had been one of our strengths but today it wasn't. Brodie Croyle played brilliantly and Prothro is a heck of a player."


"I learned today that I might be a young coach, but I've just got to eat this loss and go in and watch the film tomorrow morning. That team in red was much more prepared than the team in orange."

"The first three series set the tone for the game. We didn't execute well enough and we crumbled early."

"Croyle's passes were right on the dot. He's an NFL quarterback and he played like it, too. Fifteen of 18 for 286 yards are very good numbers."

"We are a man coverage team and we were exposed. We lost a lot of one on one battles. They are a very fast team. They looked a lot faster than we did today."


Brandon Siler:
"We expect to win and when that (the loss) happens, it's real tough on all of us. It's hard. You play so hard and practice so hard and it don't come out. You don't know what happened. It was a couple of miscues, but we'll find out."

"We don't expect to lose. We never expect to play as bad as we did."

Chris Leak:
On Alabama's Defense:
"Alabama is definitely a great team and they played great today. We tried to come out and play and they did a great job."

"Their D-line did a great job of getting up when our line would cut. They did a great job getting their hands up."

On Alabama's Offense:
"Credit to Alabama coaching staff, they did a great job of executing and taking advantage of their opportunities."

On getting behind early:
"We can't have that. We got pinned back early and we can't do that."

On play in the SEC:
"When you play in the SEC you're going to have to play against great teams, and they just played great."

Jeremy Mincey:
"We didn't play well. We could have played a lot better. We just had a bad game, that's it. I wouldn't say we were talking trash though."

On what he thought the problems in Florida's defense might have been:
"Our field position. Our back was against the wall the whole game. They took advantage of that. Our team knows what we need to work on. They're a talented team but we could have and should have won."


"Obviously this is a big win for us, watching our football team get off to such a good start, our defense holding their offense, keeping them backed up. Unfortunately we had the fumble on the punt return. Our defense came right back out and stopped them from moving the ball. The big play right away from Brodie (Croyle), it started with our protection. He was able to hit Prothro. It is something you work on a lot in practice and all of a sudden it was there. We just have to execute it that way. It just got us off to a great start.

Things went our way early. We got a couple of batted balls; the second Chris Harris got the ball and almost scored himself. But it got us in there and we were able to cash in and the momentum never left. I'm proud of our players for the way they prepared and the way they played.

I would hate not to mention the way our crowd was into the game. Our players feed off that. The crowd gets you going early but it's up to us to keep it going. We did that today.

Every win is big. But to win games against ranked teams, most are ranked in SEC, is bigger because it's later in the season and we're undefeated. (Florida) is a talented football team. There were questions with how we would match up but we answered some of those questions today.


We've been a good second half team so far. We got the ball and made couple of big plays and got it into scoring position and it was just another good job on third down there when Brodie (Croyle) went to (Tyrone) Prothro against bump- and-run coverage and that helped take a little more wind out of their sails.


We talked to the defensive line about how important it would be to rush the passer but also stop the run up inside to allow a lot of our linebackers to do nice job and not over pursue because they can get you in so many ways when you start over pursing on their misdirection. with the talent that they have and I think that was big keys for us on defense.


Prothro has open fracture on both bones, tibia and fibula. He'll probably miss rest of the season. It leaves you with empty feeling to see the nature of the injury. My heart goes out to him. He's been a big impact in every game, even if he doesn't touch the ball. It was good to see him have a great game but sad to see the injury.


#12 Brodie Croyle, quarterback
On beating a Top five team in Tuscaloosa: "It was big it was definitely big. This is all we talked about all week. We made history. This had never been done in Bryant-Denny before, beating a top five team. We fully expected to come in and handle business."

On the fans:
"It was loud, probably the loudest it has ever been. It seemed like every situation in the game they had a reason to cheer. It was a fun atmosphere to play in. All week it's been crazy around here."

On setting the new career passing touchdowns record:
"It's nice. It was a fun way to get it against Florida. But I am not concerned about records. If I get them, I get them. If I don't, I don't. As long as we win football games, I don't care if I throw for 120 yards or 330 yards."

On losing Tyrone Prothro to injury:
"His family is in our prayers. It was a tough deal. I know what he is going through and I told him that it is not the end of the world."

# 35 DeMeco Ryans, linebacker
"Our plan was to keep pressure on Leak. We've seen him get sacked in previous games. We did a great job disguising so that he didn't know where we were coming from."

"Our fans were fantastic today. They were the 12th man today on defense. They kept us pumped up."

"We've come a long way. There have been ups and downs. The seniors stepped up and said that we are going to put Alabama on the top when we leave. We just try to keep focused on each game and not get to far ahead."

# 34 Kenneth Darby, running back
"We came in as the underdog, everybody was against us from what we had read and seen. Our focus was to come in here and get a big win. It meant a lot to us and a lot to our program."

"We knew the corners like to press. It was like they were challenging us to see what our receivers can do. That opened up the passing game."

"We are well prepared for every game. We were just more locked in and focused because this was a big game. We knew what they liked to do."

Quotes courtesy of UA Sports Info.

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