UFI Presents our first Video Profile.

Running Back Kregg Lumpkin has a legitimate claim to the title of "Top Running Back in the South". Take a look at Kregg Lumpkin's video profile presented by UFI to judge for yourself.

Kregg Lumpkin #6

6-1, 190, 4.4
Running Back
Lithonia (Ga.) Stephenson

School Preferences - Georgia, LSU, Miami, Florida, Michigan, Auburn

Kregg Lumpkin

Video Trouble Shooting at Bottom of page:

  • Junior Stats - 269 rushes for 2,088 yards, 25 TDs 
  • Bench Press - 300; Squat - 525; Power Clean - 285; GPA - 3.3
  • Summer Camps - Nike (Athens)
  • Comments - good combination of speed and power... explosive... hits the hole hard and quick... has that extra gear... good vision... can run wide or between the tackles...
  • Goals - "Rush for 4,000+ yards and break Theron Dudley's career rushing mark at Stephenson. " - Lumpkin
  • Other Sports - Track
  • Misc. - a cousin of Chris (UGA basketball player) and Juan Daniels (former UGA wide receiver)... made All-State as a junior... 13 consecutive 100-yard rushing games

Profile 2003 - Kregg Lumpkin (RB)
Last season, running back Kregg Lumpkin had 13 consecutive 100-yard rushing games.  The senior to be from Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain, Georgia, established himself as one of the top backs in the Class of 2003. 

"In my opinion, Kregg Lumpkin is the best all-around running back in the country," said Stephenson Head Coach Ron Gartrell.  "He has the ability, speed, strength and the mental approach to be an exceptional player.  Plus, Kregg is a great kid." 

The bottom line is that he is an explosive running back with potentially great size that the college coaches covet. 

"I think I am a balanced runner," said Lumpkin.  "I have power, elusiveness and speed.  I can see the holes and I try to and explode through them.  I can run wide or between the tackles.  I like it all." 

Lumpkin says he is open between Georgia, LSU, Miami, Florida, Michigan and Auburn.  Location will be important to him. 

"I want to play close to home.  I have to be near my mom and dad because we are a close family." 

Earlier this spring, Lumpkin went to Athens to watch a UGA spring practice.  Last summer, he camped at Auburn.  Those are the only two schools he has seen unofficially thus far.

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