RECRUITING: Jevan Snead Is 100% Florida Gator

A few months back in May, quarterback Jevan Snead of Stephenville, Texas made a public commitment to be a Florida Gator. Five months after going public, Snead is very happy that he'll be playing for Coach Urban Meyer and he says there is nothing that can change his mind.

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Lately, the message boards have been a hot source of rumors about Snead but the 6-3, 195-pounder is quick to dispel all that as pure nonsense. He has no intention of considering any other school. He's a Gator all the way.

"I am not taking any more official visits," said Snead, who has led Stephenville to a 5-0 record. "I am just going to go and see some games and have some good times with some friends. I am just going to go and enjoy some weekends. I am 100 percent Gator."

Snead is going to go early enrollment and he plans to arrive in Gainesville ready to learn Florida's offensive system so he can compete for a job.

"Competition is good," he said. "I don't want to say I am excited about it, but I already proved I can compete against (anyone). I will be getting there in January and feel like I will have a jump on it."

Through Stephenville's five games, he has rushed 38 times for 236 yards and five touchdowns. He's thrown for 1,158 yards and 14 touchdowns, completing 71 of his 112 throws (63 percent).

Snead saw the Gators at their worst Saturday when they got taken to the cleaners by Alabama in Tuscaloosa. He watched part of the game until he had to go take care of some big brother duties.

"I watched most of it then I had to leave," he said. "My little brother has a flag football team and I just help them out. I just help the quarterbacks get stretched out before the game. He plays quarterback and a little receiver. [The Gator game] definitely could have been better. There were some mistakes and I was kind of surprised. I wish I could have been out there helping them."

Snead was in Gainesville two weeks earlier as part of the electric crowd at The Swamp that helped the Gators turn back Tennessee, 16-7. Also on hand were some of the finest high school receivers in America. Snead held no punches trying to lure these future targets of his to Gainesville.

"The visit was awesome," he said. "Going down there and seeing those great athletes in person and the team playing in The Swamp was unbelievable. The atmosphere and everything was spectacular. I talked a lot with Percy Harvin and Damon McDaniel and Chris Bell a little bit too. I talked to pretty much everybody.

"I would tell them if they come there we are going to win and win big. I want them to help me and to be great receivers. If they want the ball a lot and want to be on the same team, then Florida is the place for them."

Of course Snead likes the offensive staff at Florida and the Gators spread option offensive system. It's quite similar to the offense he runs at Stephenville.

"They [Florida staff] are great coaches," he said. "I got a chance to really sit down and talk to them a lot. I just like them a whole lot … they are great coaches and people. It is very similar to what we do at my high school so I am already acquainted with it and everything. It is almost exactly the same. Our coaches went down last spring and got some ideas. Many of the plays we got from them are completely unstoppable."

The reasons he chose Florida in the first place remain the exact same reasons why there is no chance he'll be swayed by another school.

"They have a great offense and this is a huge reason," he said. "The program has always been strong but when Urban Meyer and his staff got there it just kind of sealed the deal."

Jevan Snead is giving up his prom, his graduation, and half his senior year in high school to be in Gainesville in January so he can begin his career as a Florida Gator. If ever there has been a firm commitment, this is it.

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