Video Profile - Tashard Choice RB/WR

Lovejoy's (GA) Tashard Choice is a tall player with a long easy stride. He catches the ball well in traffic, and he accelerates in the open field. But don't take our word for it, see for yourself.

Tashard Choice #2

6-1, 200, 4.4
Running Back
Jonesboro (Ga.) Lovejoy

School Preferences - Florida State and Florida lead Georgia and Georgia Tech

Tashard Choice

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  • Junior Stats - 900 yards rushing, 400 yards receiving 
  • Bench Press - 300; Squat - 485; Power Clean - 315; GPA - 3.9
  • Summer Camps -  Mike (Athens), Florida, Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech or Clemson 
  • Comments - good size and speed... verstaile back that can catch and block... mix of power, speed and elusiveness
  • Goals - "I want to contribute to the team every down or every play.  I want to rush for 2,000 yards and 25 TDs. " - Choice
  • Other Sports - Basketball & Baseball

Profle 2003 - Tashard Choice (RB)
One of the top running backs in the state of Georgia next season will be Tashard Choice from Lovejoy High School.  "He is an outstanding running back with power and speed," said Lovejoy Head Coach Al Hughes.  "Tashard is a slasher who glides through the hole."  Last season as a junior Choice was slowed down by a torn meniscus in his knee.  Despite the injury, he is now 100%.

 "In the fifth game of the year, I got tackled funny and it slowed me down the rest of the season.  There was lots of swelling but I am fine now.  Our offense is a lot like Florida where we throw the ball a lot.  But this coming season, coach says that I will run the ball until I bleed.  I am very excited about my senior season.

"I think my vision is my best attribute.  That is what separates the great backs from the good backs." 

Choice was born in Thomasville, Georgia and his family is very close to the families of Charlie Ward and Joe Burns.  In fact, most of his family is still in Thomasville and they visit quite often.

 "I grew up a Florida State fan and I camped there last summer.  It was always my favorite school.  But they signed Lorenzo Booker this year so I will take a strong look at other schools.  Right now, FSU and Florida are my two favorites and I also like Georgia Tech and Georgia.  I am looking at depth charts, how they run their offenses and is the program a winner or on the rise.  I am really looking at a lot of schools."

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