Join us at our Gator Country Tailgate Party!

Come one, come all! Join us at our Gator Country Tailgate Party Saturday morning before the homecoming game. Festivities begin around 9:30am. Look for the "Urban Flyer" Gator Bus across from Smathers Library on University Avenue. Food, drinks, and more!

This will be a great opportunity for many of you to meet fellow Gator Country fans, including the wizards behind the curtain. ;)

Feel free to bring drinks, snacks, etc. The tailgate party will run from 9:30 am thereabouts to before the game begins.

The easiest way to find the party is to look for the famous "Urban Flyer" Gator Bus which will be parked across from Smathers Library on University Avenue.

The bus was bought on ebay July 2005 and used as a Nascar mobile from 200-2005. It's a 1986 model that was used as a school bus until 2000 in Georgia. A little know fact is that Georgia only has short buses. It's owned by two 2003 graduates of UF dental school and a 2002 graduate of UF engineering school (who only took 7 years to complete so we call him Doctor too (you have to include this)). It has a custom paint job with graphics, satelite TV, generator, Neon Low glows, refrigerator, custom lighting, hardwood floors, kegerator, microwave, A/C, Observation deck where a bands can play (we have a band booked for Georgia/Florida), and gets a whopping 8 miles to the gallon. It's the ultimate tailgating mobile. We picked the name from over 900 e-mails and posts. Future plans include plasma screens, and a 8 ft grill in the shape of a gator is currently under construction, as well as a custom golf cart.

Many thanks to Daniel Melzer for hosting the tailgate party at his bus!

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