RECRUITING: Spiller Takes in Homecoming Game

C.J. Spiller is the South's #1 Running Back Prospect. He took in a game this weekend, and he has set up his first official visit. Where did he go, and where is the 5 Star headed?

C.J. Spiller is off to a big start as can be expected of the South's #1 running back. He has helped lead his team to a 4-2 victory, and he helped Union County to a big Homecoming win on Friday.

"We're 4-2 right now," said Spiller. "We're undefeated in the district though. Homecoming was Friday; I had 14 carries for 172 yards and four touchdowns."

Spiller had more than one homecoming game to take in over the weekend.

"I went to Florida's game on Saturday," said C.J. Spiller. "It was their homecoming too. I got to talk with Coach Meyer after the game. He said it was great to see me there and that it was great we both got homecoming wins. I went to the game with a lot of my teammates. At first it was kind of boring, because there wasn't a lot of scoring, but then they were lighting it up."

Spiller isn't ready to narrow his list down just yet, but it's not hard to get an idea of where he is seriously taking a look, and one of those teams has an official visit coming up.

"I'm not sure where I'm going this weekend. If Miami is playing, I'll probably go there for a game. I have one official visit set up. I'm going to USC on November 19th. I'll probably have a Top 7 sometime this week."

Spiller is lightning in a bottle as shown by his Scout Videos. He is a good student projects as a full qualifier.

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