Q&A with Orien Greene's High School Coach

Orien Green has decided to transfer from the University of Florida. UFI asked his former coach Anthony Long a few questions about his decision. One thing Coach Long made clear was that he was as surprised as the rest of the Gator world about Orien's decision.

Can you talk about why Orien wants to transfer?
"I don't really know any specifics about the situation.  I think he felt he would be more comfortable somewhere else.

Where would he like to transfer?
"I have not talked to him about that."

Did Orien ever mention anything about possibly transferring to you?
It was a bit of a surprise. I never had any conversations with him about being unhappy.  So I was kind of surprised when I found out."

Do you think the play at the end of the Creighton game where he got the five second violation had anything to do with this decision?
"I don't think that one play or that one game had any real impact on his decision.  Orien is intelligent enough to not transfer because of five seconds of time in one game."

Does Orien have a timetable for a decision?
"I don't think it will come soon.  He will look at several different options and he may even visit a few places.  It will be several weeks at least before he makes a decision."

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