SPECIAL: Chat with Mike Bianchi at 8pm tonite

Sports Columnist Mike Bianchi will be Gator Country's special guest in our chat room this evening at 8pm (eastern). Love him or hate him, Mike's one of the most popular (and controversial) columnist in the state of Florida. This is your chance to share your views and thoughts with the columnist.

Over the years, many of you have likened him to Satan, while others refer to him as the voice of reason during the sporting season. He plays both sides of the coin with special talent...

Mark your calendars for a night with Bianchi. He'll be wearing his reversible "He/She Hate Me" sweat over the muscle shirt that proudly proclaims, "C'mon, You Know You Like Me".

He's ready to jab, gab, and take a stab with Gators fans throughout the Gator Country Kingdom. Lock the kids up and join us for a few unforgettable moments!!

Chat room

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