POSTGAME: Gators vs. LSU Quotes

Coach Meyer: ""Our opponent was a very good team, very athletic. A lot like Tennessee and Alabama, this is a tough conference. I know I always say that but this is a tough conference and there is a lot of great defenses in this conference including the University of Florida's. Great environment and for a coach that has not been in the SEC very long, that's what separates the SEC from every other conference in college football. "


On today's game ... " I mean go to the Swamp, or go here, or go to Alabama. That was a hell of an atmosphere. I thought that we played excellent defense. We created turnovers and gave great field position. I thought that our kicking game was very solid. We held the leading punt returner and our punter did an excellent job. We did some things to try to keep the ball out of his (Skyler Green) hands. I'm not sure of what our net was but our net- we had far too many punts- but our net was- I don't think he returned any so I think it was a forty-three net, which I thought would be critical in this game. We are still not executing offensively, certainly not our throw game, but I thought that we recovered for most of the game. Our run game showed up, I found a tailback. I think he finally can play tailback at Florida. Practicing once in awhile, played once in awhile, so I really though DeShawn (Wynn) played hard. So you can really say that we got a running back at Florida, before that you couldn't say that. I just had a long talk with him, and Florida needs a tailback. I mean a real tailback, a guy you hand the ball to, and he goes hard. That's what Florida really needs, the University of Florida needs a tailback. I thought he ran really hard."

About QB Chris Leak's performance ...

"I think Chris struggled a little bit but I think that our receivers struggled as well. I don't think we did a good job getting guys open. There was a lot of blitzing, we call it no deep zero man and we didn't do a good job getting off of it. Obviously our throw game was non-existent. And far too many sacks."



On the emotion played with...

"We played with a lot of emotion and that's what Coach (Meyer) brought into this, that we got to stick together and be a team. We came out and we played together and Coach was saying that if we had six more people that was in with us then we would have came out with a victory. We have a couple people on the boat, but not everybody."

On players joining with the team...

"We just want everybody to hustle hard and do the best that they can. I guess you can blame it on the leaders and other players for not getting them on the boat. This whole week we're gonna work harder and talk to people and get ready for Georgia. "

On the front defensive play...

"The defense did well. With the big plays, I kind of put that on the defensive line. We should have got to the quarterback and not hang our safeties out to dry. We have a couple of big plays we gave up that we shouldn't have given up."

On losing back to back weeks...

"Last year, I kind of got used to losing. This year it hurts real bad because I wasn't expecting it. We were on a roll not to lose any games then we lost to Alabama and that really hurt, too. I wasn't expecting us to lose again."

Florida player quotes (offense)

QB Chris Leak

On what went wrong:

"We just didn't take advantage of our opportunities. We made too many mistakes. Guys played their hearts out. We just didn't make enough plays."

On Coach Meyer being so emotional after the lost:

"He is just so passionate about his guys, the guys played so hard. That's just how Coach Meyer is. He loves his players."

On his emotional state after the game:

"It was a tough loss. This is one of those big time games that you want to win. It was really hard."

On whether he still believes in Coach Meyer's offensive system:

"Yeah, everybody is bought into. We just got to get more comfortable and make the plays when we have the opportunity."

RB DeShawn Wynn

On his performance:

"It all started with the offensive line opening the holes for me. I just ran through them. Coach Meyer challenged me before the game and I just took that personally."

On how Coach Meyer said he became a tailback this game: "I think so, the way I was running hard and with the line opening so many holes I think he has a lot more confidence in me."


Opening Statement...

"Our defense played extremely well start to finish. As a matter of fact, if you had to give credit for that win to a piece of our team, it would be that defense from start to finish. They played with the same intensity, they played hard, they need to correct some things certainly because nobody plays a perfect game, but our defense came to play. On the other hand, on offense we cannot sustain the mistakes that we made. I will not allow it. We're going to work hard at it. We worked hard at it last week, and we're going to work hard at it again. There's got to be a stronger push and a greater commitment by our team. We're going to fix it. If you turn the ball over the amount of times we did and you have penalties that are unforced, that's just fundamentals. We will not be able to do the things that this team is capable of doing. This football team has a lot in front of it, if the things that we're trying to eliminate don't stand between us and being a spectacular football team. Right now, we're just a sloppy team on offense. We need to get that fixed. We'll get that fixed. But we still must give credit to this team. The fact that they came back in the fourth quarter again and played well enough to win and understand they have to play that well. The fact that they really allowed the team they played tonight to stay close was because of the mistakes they made. We'll get this thing fixed. I look forward to it. It will be a lot of fun coaching this week, and we'll work hard at it."

On Chris Jackson's punting...

"He is having a very strong year. If there's a better punter in the country under pressure in tough situation who kicks the ball as high and as long as he does, I'd like somebody to point him out to me. I think he's having a great year."

On JaMarcus Russell's decisions when he threw the interceptions...

"JaMarcus goes to throw out of bounds and gets a pick. He throws a ball to a wide open X-cross, and it really wasn't the decision. The decision to throw to where he was throwing was fine, the problem was his execution. The trajectory on the throw was poor, and a guy who was not intended to drop into coverage caught the ball."

On punishment for sloppy ball-handling...

"There'll be some thought given to some punishment. It might be most painful when watched in front of their teammates so they can see how much they hurt the team. That may well be the most significant punishment."

LSU Player Quotes (Defense)

CB Ronnie Prude

On the difference of the team between Arizona State and now...

"I feel the difference is we carry more confidence, just carrying out our assignments and executing Coach's plan. Having fun is the main thing we're doing right now, having fun and executing and just going all out."

On breaking out 14-0 and then Florida coming back and having any thoughts about Tennessee...

"No, that's way behind us. We didn't think one time that was going to happen again. We just came out and said we're going to stay focused and play defense."

On the biggest difference in defense...

"Just confidence. Just going out there and executing, locking up and not playing soft in the zones. And having faith in what we're doing and in the coaches."

LB Ali Highsmith

On the praise to the D-line making his job easier...

"Well if they do there job and we just sit back and let them do what they got to do then everything comes clear for us."

About what the D-line did...

"Putting pressure on Chris Leak because that's what we had to do. We knew if we got at him everything was going to be alright."

On the game plan...

"The game was come in and get after him (Leak) and let him know that we're here for business and we not here to play around. We still had a few mistakes, but we worked them out on the sidelines and came on the field and just took care of it."

LSU Offensive Player Quotes

WR Bennie Brazelle

On the win over Florida...

"I think we always knew we had it in us. The defense had our back. We've worked really hard in practice."

On the atmosphere in Tiger Stadium...

"It's a special feeling. That's why I came back for my fifth year and I can't let it go to waste. I've got to give it all I've got."

OL Andrew Whitworth

On beating Florida...

"It's a big win for us. My hat is off to them and we're proud to get out of Tiger Stadium with a victory."

On the defense's improvement...

"I think it's just the way they've been coming along. Each week they've been getting better. They've worked really hard and it's definitely something I'm proud of them for. We're really proud of them and we're going to really need them down the stretch."

On the atmosphere during the game...

"It was unbelievable. It was wonderful just to get a chance to come in here and play. I don't have too many of them left some I'm cherishing each one."

Quotes courtesy LSU Sports Information.

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