VETTEL'S PICKS: Larry Likes AU, UGA, and UA

I thought 6-6 was awful and 5-7 was a joke! So what is 4-8? Downright humiliating, that's what it was. There was no Donald Trump around or I would have heard those two words, "you're fired" loud and clear once the results were tabulated. So instead I make this vow; if I don't go at least 6-6 this week I'll fire myself!

That said, the week actually was looking pretty good for me at times last Saturday. I was ahead in seven games, even in another and two more hadn't started yet. But then it hit the fan. Yeah, I managed to nail Notre Dame/Southern Cal better than 99 percent of the nations sports analysts, but otherwise it was putrid. Even the disappointing ending to the Gator game didn't help because LSU's TD on the "hook-and-ladder" play was waved off. I can't even win for losing!

But I trudge on… determined to put an end to this nonsense and start giving you some good direction as to what to expect on Saturdays to come.

Vanderbilt (plus 8-½) over South Carolina: The Commodores have been tough to figure and the Gamecocks are coming off a week of rest. Still, Vandy should be there most of the way. South Carolina 24-20

Georgia (minus 19-½) over Arkansas: It's starting to look like the Dawgs might be the best team in the conference. It's quite obvious Arkansas is not. Georgia 38-14

Ole Miss (minus 10-½) over Kentucky: The Rich Brooks mistake is on the verge of being corrected. Points will likely be hard to come by, especially for the Mildcats. Ole Miss 21-9

Illinoize (plus 17-½) over Penn State: Zooker's Illini had the week off while Joe Pa and the Lions were devastated by a last minute loss to Michigan. Here's guessing both factors keep it close. Penn State 34-24

Florida State (minus 30-½) over Duke: Ticked off Noles get to start feeling better after pounding on the putrid Dookies. FSU 47-7

Indiana (plus 15-½) over Ohio State: The Buckeyes don't score enough to lay this many points and the Hoosiers are a surprising 4-and-2 under first-year Coach Terry Hoeppner. Ohio State 21-16

Iowa (minus 2-½) over Michigan: Four losses for the Wolves by mid-March is hard to imagine. Well, we don't have to imagine it. It almost happened last week. This week it does. Iowa 24-17

Washington (plus 30-½) over Southern Cal: USC makes it tough because they are favored by so much. The Trojans have one of the best college offenses ever. Washington is Washington is not good. In fact they are awful… in fact I'm changing my mind. Another one-sided loss for the Fightin' Willinghams. Southern Cal 52-10

Brigham Young (plus 19-½) over Notre Dame: These are not the Lavell Edwards era Cougars, but Notre Dame has to be smarting from Southern Cal's last second win. Notre Dame 35-21

Texas Tech (plus 15-½) over Texas: The Red Raiders have a chance to spring the upset with their remarkable offensive firepower. But it won't be enough in the year of the Longhorn. Texas 48-35

Auburn (plus 6-½) over LSU: Other than turnovers, LSU played at its highest level against the Gators. Auburn is just a solid team in every way. Auburn 17-16

Alabama (minus 3-½) over Tennessee: Would have picked the Tide big before they lost Prothro. They survived a crummy performance against Ole Miss while Tennessee has the look of a confused program. Bama 20-14

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