RECRUITING: Dion LeCorn Is On The Fast Track

The fast track to stardom is paved with great talent that explodes onto the scene early in a high school career. That fast track becomes much like a record-setting day at GatorNationals for kids who have the athleticism to play multiple positions. Trinity Catholic wide receiver Dion LeCorn fits that mold perfectly.

Just a junior, LeCorn (5-11, 208) is an outstanding athlete playing wide receiver. After watching him play twice this season, there is no question that he could just as easily play running back, safety, or linebacker. LeCorn has demonstrated the ability to separate from defensive backs. He runs extremely well after catching the ball, has some of those shake and bake moves that freeze, and at times, cross up would-be tacklers. He also possesses the strength to break away from tackles. I've seen several plays where defenders failed to wrap him up on the initial hit and he runs right through them. LeCorn also has good vision when he's running through the secondary looking for a lane to the end zone.

He ran a 4.48 at the Nike camp and bench pressed 185 pounds twenty times. He has also put up some impressive numbers in top ranked (Class 2B) Trinity's high octane offense. In eight games, LeCorn has caught 43 passes for 914 yards and nine touchdowns. His 21.25 yards per reception is a testament of his outstanding running ability after the catch and the deep pass mastery of quarterback John Brantley.

After his sophomore season, LeCorn attended the Nike, USF passing camp and the Friday Night Lights camp at the University of Florida.

"At the Florida camp they had me out wide at receiver during the scrimmage portion at the end," LeCorn recalled. "I caught the last pass of the day for a touchdown from Timmy Tebow. I caught some passes from Johnny (Brantley) and a couple of other quarterbacks. It was great to be out there with all of that talent.

"We went down to Tampa for the USF passing camp. It was a seven-on-seven camp where we competed against other teams from Florida. I must have done well because they offered me a scholarship right then. They offered me and Johnny (Brantley) right there."

One huge positive that LeCorn has in his favor is the quality coaching he receives every day. Head Coach Kerwin Bell and receivers coach Ricky Nattiel bring an encyclopedia worth of hands-on experience and knowledge to the Celtics practice field every day. Bell is quick to offer an assessment on his star receiver.

"He's got such great quick feet on a body that big, really helps separate him," Bell said. "You know, he's not just a straight line guy, he runs very well laterally with a great deal of quickness. He also has some of the best hand-eye coordination that I've ever seen on a high school kid. We just don't have a kid that can adjust to the ball like he can. It's very seldom that you'll see a kid that can run full speed and catch the ball in the air the way that he can. That's especially true with a big body like that. He's a special kind of athlete."

When asked about his impressions regarding the University of Florida, LeCorn said that he definitely likes the school, but would probably consider playing safety.

"He thinks that he has to be 6-2 or 6-4 to be a receiver at the next level," Bell said laughing. "I told him to look around. Most of the best receivers in the game are under six foot. I do think that he could play defense at the next level though, probably corner. He has good hips and has the lateral movement and running ability.

"I don't know where he'll end up playing," Bell added. "That's the question? He just turned sixteen. I remember when he came in here in the ninth grade, he was just a big kid. He really hasn't grown that much since the ninth grade, maybe an inch or two. I think that he might have another growth spurt coming.

"If he keeps growing, he could be a six foot, 225-pound tailback. He could be out there at receiver. He could play strong safety or corner on defense. He's that versatile. He reminds me a lot of Marshall Faulk. I played with Marshall at Indianapolis. We could put Marshall out there and he was as good as any receiver we had, yet he had that running back body. That's what separates those guys. Usually receivers don't have that kind of body. Those guys have that and they can play receiver with the best of them."

LeCorn already has offers from Tennessee and Duke to go with his USF offer. There is no question that he will receive numerous camp invitations, as well as, scholarship offers in the very near future. He already has plans to attend the Nike camp again.

I have a 2.5 or 2.6 GPA," he said. "I've taken the PSAT test, but haven't taken the SAT or ACT yet. I'm doing pretty well, but I want to pull up my overall GPA."

His voice revealed all too well the happiness he has playing for the Celtics. His respect for Bell, Nattiel and the other coaches was undeniable. And why not? Life has to be great right now for an 9-0 team that has scored 503 points while allowing just 6 points scored against them all season.

The Celtics have destroyed both man and beast. With victories over the Apaches, Buffalos, Red Devils, Pirates, Indians, Bulldogs, and Panthers it's amazing they haven't been sanctioned as an aggressor by PETA, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the Church of Satan.

Last weekend, as Trinity Catholic held a 28-0 lead in the second quarter at Newberry, the unthinkable happened- an opponent scored. It was the first score given up in eight games by the Celtics.

Perhaps more bizarre was the reaction by the Newberry Public Address announcer.

"Madison County didn't do it, The Villages didn't do it, Arlington Country Day didn't do it, Williston didn't do it, P.K. Yonge didn't do it, Crystal River didn't do it, Chiefland didn't do it, and Live Oak (Suwannee) didn't do it…it happened here."

The crowd cheered loudly as the Panthers scored a touchdown against mighty Trinity. The reaction wasn't lost on the Celtics players and Coach Bell, who addressed it with his kids telling them that was is the reputation and respect they've earned.

"Yeah, I heard it," LeCorn said laughing. "I think they had a party up there after they scored. It seemed like they called a special timeout out there for it."

It is a special season (thus far) and Dion LeCorn is one of those reasons. He is a special player who with hard work will only be among the nation's best athletes as a senior at Trinity Catholic.

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