RECRUITING: Jarred Fayson talks favorites

When you mention athletic players around the country, one guy that always comes to mind right off the bat is Tampa's Jarred Fayson. Few can outrun him in a straight line and when you throw in the fact that he has very good size and can even toss touchdowns, it's not hard to see why he's one of the most highly recruited players in the country.

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"I'm pretty much taking my time with recruiting right now. I'm still looking at Alabama, Florida, Miami, Georgia, USC and West Virginia pretty much," Jarred Fayson said.

It's been no secret that Jarred and 5-star QB Tim Tebow have developed a pretty good friendship over the last few months and just like Tim did this past weekend, Jarred will take an official visit to Alabama as well.

"When I talked to Coach Shula on Saturday Tim was still there. He told me he had Tim locked in a room so he wouldn't leave and that when I get there next week he's going to do the same to me. He's just a good guy."

The Tampa standout watched the game between the Tide and the Vols.

"The game was crazy. It was really wild. Offense didn't put out many points but they'll take a win any way they can get it."

Fayson offers his thoughts on how the rest of the teams in his top 6 have fared so far this year.

Florida: "Florida's offense is struggling but it's a first year program and they need to get some playmakers. Leak doesn't look real comfortable with the offense but they should work everything out and be comfortable with the system pretty soon."

Miami: "Miami is doing well and I've been talking to Coach Coker a lot. They say they are going to recruit me as a QB and of course that's going to give them a few extra points in my mind. They want me to come in for their bowl week but I have to wait and see if I make the Army game first because it may interfere with that."

Georgia: "I really like Georgia. They are rolling and they've got a big time offense. Coach Richt ran the offense with Charlie Ward and I like what he does with that scheme. I'm looking forward to my trip up there for the Auburn game."

USC: "USC is the #1 team in the country so they know what they're doing. They contacted me about 2-3 weeks ago and asked me on a visit. I'm still thinking about it."

West Virginia: "I like them because I can play at quarterback up there. It's the shotgun and it gives you a chance to run or throw."

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