Hoops Recruit: Patrick Ewing Jr.

Patrick Ewing, the son of the NBA great with the same name, is a big time player. He's big time not because he goes out and gets 30 points a night because he doesn't. He's big-time because he does everything it takes to win.

Ewing One of The Nation's Better Defenders

Watch Patrick Ewing Jr. play and try to forget he's the son of a legend. Try to forget his father is a great NBA player and probably the greatest Hoya of them all. Just watch Junior without knowing all the background. Here's what you get.

First of all, Ewing is a tremendous defensive player. He blocks shots, rebounds, challenges jump shooters and would be drivers. You can tell he takes a lot of pride in playing on that end.

"(My dad) and all my coaches always say that you can have a bad offensive game but you can never have a bad defensive game," Ewing said. "I feel that my defense is the thing I am best at. I'm kind of like Ben Wallace. I love defense. I love to block shots and get rebounds." Starting to get the picture? This is a young man who doesn't feel like he has to be the primary scorer to be effective.

Offensively, he's not a big scorer. His outside shot needs work and sometimes he doesn't look for his offense. "I'm trying to develop some better offensive parts to my game but everyone says I'm a hustler."

Nothing wrong with that.

OK, so he's the son of a former Georgetown superstar. Why isn't it done for the Hoyas? "I don't have a No. 1 school right now," Ewing said. "I'm looking at all my options. I don't want to travel too far from home but if I have to I might." Ewing said that Georgetown, Clemson and Georgia have been in recently.

AAU teammate Matt Causey is headed to Georgetown. "He's trying to talk me into going there also; they have a good bunch of players there."

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