Pancake Man Wavering? Well, Not Exactly

We wish it wasn't so, but it is. We wish the folks at a certain website on another network could get it right, but they can't. You know those Hertz commercials when the characters keep asking questions and the answer is "not exactly." Well, that other site has a story with Carl Johnson of Durham (NC) Southern and his father figure, Coach Jeff Parker. Their story fits nicely into that "not exactly" category.

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We wish we could say it was unusual that that this particular recruiting site on another network will bend and stretch the truth to help sell those subscriptions to recruitniks who are dying to find out who's next for Florida State's (oops… now you know) recruiting class. We wish we could say it, but we can't. We've got the proof for you.

Coach Parker was interviewed Wednesday night by the staff at that other site and was asked a variety of questions about how recruiting goes with Carl Johnson, the five-star offensive tackle (by who is a Florida commitment. What Coach Parker said was twisted and contorted into something the loyal Kool-Aid drinkers at that other site would want to read.

Make no mistake about it, Carl Johnson is a wanted man in recruiting circles. He is one of the most dominating linemen in the country. A case could be made that Carl is the very best. It's no secret that Florida State and every school in the country that plays Division I football wants him, but Jeff Parker will tell you, Carl is not the least bit interested in Florida State. According to Parker, the word on the street for that site is this is par for the course.

"Is Dot Com known for writing those kinds of articles?" he asked rhetorically. "As far as I am concerned and Carl is concerned, Carl is going to the University if Florida. I read the article today and they twisted the words to their benefit. It's just not right."

Parker was adamant in saying that Johnson would be a Gator. He went on to expound on the twisting the other site put on his words. They inferred that his recruitment would be open after the season. Parker knows what he said and sounded off about the fact that other schools are going to recruit him regardless of his commitment.

"He is coming to Florida, he is excited about coming to Florida … he's solid," Parker said. "Like I told the guy from the Florida State site, he gets 30 letters a day from various schools still recruiting him, and until the day he is enrolled in class in Gainesville, they are going to keep recruiting him."

The article in question painted a rosy picture of how the FSU staff was there to watch Carl play. Well, either they bolted early and didn't see Carl play or they got lost on their way to the football stadium.

"Their coaches were up here Friday recruiting him, and Doc Holiday (Florida assistant coach) was sitting here the whole time doing his job," Parker said.

And did they make it to the game?

"That's kind of funny because Coach (Billy) Sexton and Coach (Mark) McHale were up here for Florida State," Parker said. "They came to the school and sat around for about an hour but didn't even show up for the game. Holliday stayed the whole time and watched the whole game."

"That's the thing … they came, but didn't even stick around for the game. If they were serious about recruiting him, they would have stayed for the game. We even have some underclassmen that can play at that level."

Don't fret Gator fans, the Pancake Man is coming to Gainesville and he plans on making a difference in Orange and Blue one day. Jeff Parker reiterated it one more time for those that continue to grasp at air.

"Carl committed in May and he decided then what he wanted to do, so he is sticking to his guns," said Parker.

So does it sound to you like Carl Johnson is wavering?

Not exactly.

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