Interview with Teddy Dupay - Part I

<b>UFI EXCLUSIVE</B><BR> <B>Teddy Dupay</b> spent the last 9 months playing professional basketball with a traveling All Star team, the ABA and most recently in the professional league in Venezuela. He recently returned to Gainesville to work on his game with the Gator coaches and sat down for a quick chat where he discusses playing in Venezuela, the NBA and the Creighton Game. Part two comes tomorrow.

How was it in Venezuela?
It was a great experience, I got a chance to compete against other professionals and improve my game while making allot of money. We played in a gym with a retractable roof and sometime it would rain or the wind would swirl so I just had to get used to it before the game began.

What about the competition?
It was every bit as good as the SEC athletically, what the foreign players lack is coaching but someday they will get good coaches. They had some really good athletes.

What position did you play?
I played the point every night and it made me a better player. At Florida, I mostly was the 2 but in Venezuela I was in charge of getting the offense started, distributing and defending the point as well.

What has the NBA indicated you must improve on?   
I just wanted to prove I can play the point and do things against pro competition. I am a much better player right now than I was a year ago at Florida.

Did you follow this year's Florida team?
It was hard but I did on the Internet, the news did not have much. I do have some friends still on the team that I stay in touch with and my parents and friends back home kept me up to speed.

Did you see the Creighton game?
NO, but I was getting updates every five minutes. That was a tough game, the team really fought hard.

Would the game have been different if you were here?
I think that is unfair to this year's team (to ponder if I was there).  They accomplished a lot and who knows we may not have even been playing Creighton. I think that I should not be included in the evaluation of this team, they won 20 games and made the NCAA tournament and they should be proud of their accomplishments.

How important is senior leadership?
Greatly and I wish I would have been there but I wasn't and they did great.

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