Teddy Dupay Interview - Part II

<b>UFI EXCLUSIVE</B><BR> In part two of UFI's interview with former Gator hoops player Teddy Dupay, he talks about the past six months of his life, the gambling issue, what he thought when Billy Donovan recruited him, what's next for him, and his future with the NBA.

How has the last six months been for you?
Well, hmm let me say I am a better person and a better player for the situations that I have gone through. It has gotten easier to deal with and I realize that I still have my life and hopefully my basketball career in front of me.

Did you gamble on College Basketball?
No I did not. Once again I have learned valuable lessons in life and sometimes life is not fair.

Do you wonder what might have been?
Yes, I mean you dream of your senior season your final run and the bitterness of not having it has begun to fade away with the memories of the times with all the guys. The wins the championships and of course the fans.

How is your relationship with Billy Donovan?
He has been real good to me.  He is great, he is the best coach out there and has done a remarkable job with Florida. I hope they can keep him. I think he will keep on winning and with the facility now the sky is the limit.

Did you imagine all this when you were the first to commit as a sophomore; the final four, number two ranking, four 20-win seasons in a row?
Yes, except I dreamed of a number one ranking and a National title and I think Coach Donovan will get it someday.

Can Billy continue this run?
Yes, with the players he has now and his recruits, if I was coming out of high school now I am not sure he would recruit me!

What's Next?
I am going to work out with Coach wherever I can find a gym, then get ready for the NBA draft. I believe I will have a chance with a team in the NBA this summer.


Any teams contact your agent?
A lot of teams and Utah and the Clippers are real interested so I feel good that the other leagues such as the developmental or ABA are second options. If I cannot get on a team, I will play in the ABA then go back to Europe.

Finally will you be out and about for any appearances?
Chris Doering and I will be with our friend Keith David at Summerset Mobile Home Saturday May 4 in Lake City, Florida. We will be there all day from 9-6 doing a promotion and having some fun.

Are you guys looking for work after pro careers?
(Laughing) No not really Keith has the market covered!

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