POSTGAME: Gators vs. Gamecocks Quotes

Coach Spurrier and Coach Meyer comment on the South Carolina Gamecock's victory over the Florida Gators, 30-22 in Columbia.

USC coach Steve Spurrier postgame quotes

The headline in the Florida paper should read, "Guess who's pulling for Auburn now."

We got some extremely good breaks. Every long pass the other team makes goes off their fingertips. Tucker's interception.

I'm just proud of the guys, proud of the way they played. It was like all the other (wins) except we were ahead at halftime.

I knew it would be a tough second half. Florida was tough running the ball. They just about ran out the clock in the fourth quarter, helped us out.

One of our goals was to beat one of the big three, and we've beaten two of the three. To beat these guys for the first time is neat.

I love the Gators, I always will. But I am with South Carolina now.

I told you we had a lot of history we could set here. I didn't think we would set this much this year.

It was not a lot of coaching today. Just a lot of good running, blocking and tackling.

Sidney's catch was a huge play. It got us down to the one after they had cut it to one point. That's just the way it's been going for the Gamecocks.

It's more fun (winning) when your team is not a dominating team. It's neat the way our guys are winning. We are defying logic. We are not good running the ball and we are not good stopping the run. But the defense has kept guys to kicking field goals.

We tried to low key it, tried not to overhype it. We are not going to overhype next week. I hope we can play batter than today.

They didn't want to man up on Sidney. They played a lot of zone.

Mike had some good solid runs.

Florida is good at knocking the ball out, and we played with no fumbles. We did a good job of taking care of the ball.

They played a lot of two-deep stuff with six or seven on the line of scrimmage, so we felt our best chance was to run and not throw.

I left (Florida) to go somewhere else. I didn't leave to come here. Three years later, this was the best place for me. I hope they will see it that way. Twelve years is enough.

We gave up some rushing yards, but our guys toughened up.

We got fortunate on that last call. Who knows what Leak could have done in the last minute.

I'm not worried about any bowls. We're just going to play Clemson. They are a very good team.

We love playing here. We are undefeated in garnet jerseys, so we will be wearing garnet jerseys next week.

University of Florida Head Coach Urban Meyer

On the game:

"I think the one drive where we had second down-and-one and we had two back-to-back penalties it knocked us out because we were moving the ball fairly well. I think it's the first time all year we have not created a turnover and we had one. Obviously that's a credit to them to take care of the football like that."

On Sidney Rice:

"We think he's an excellent player. He still had his catches but like other teams did, Arkansas did a decent job putting two guys on him. We zoned off against him and also had some bracket coverage for him."

On South Carolina rushing:

"We had a lot of time spent in coverage because we felt like they were going to come out and throw the ball all over the place, but I think they only threw it 17 times, which was surprising."

On kicking game:

"Thirty-two (yard) punt. He just didn't hit the ball very well. He wasn't pressured. He just didn't hit the ball very well."

On turning point: "I think there were a lot of turning points in the game. I still think that second down-and-one, we probably were going to take a shot right there, but it was second down-and-one and we had a motion penalty and then a holding penalty back-to-back that put us at second-and-16."

On the Florida program:

"In my mind it's a young program. It's a program going through a lot of changes, a lot of growth and a few speed bumps along the way. You're playing for a championship in November, you are in the conference, you got a rival game in two weeks and will play in a bowl game. So we have a lot to play for, a lot of seniors who have invested a lot in this program, been through a lot in the last several years. So that's what I just told the team. You have to regroup and go."

On Florida passing game:

"We just have to execute those and I think a championship team executes those and hits them...Overall I think Chris Leak played fairly well. Chris Leak battled and made some great plays."

At halftime:

"When I checked out the stats, there's a misunderstanding there. You just had a vision that they were moving the ball up and down the field on us, and that wasn't the case at it all..."

On week's attention on Spurrier:

"I don't believe it was difficult at all."

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