RECRUITING: Hornsby Commits To The Gators

There is one happy mama in Jacksonville, Florida today and that's because Jamar Hornsby, the five-star wide receiver from Sandalwood had decided that he's going to be a Florida Gator. Fresh from a visit to Georgia over the weekend, the 6-4, 195-pounder called Coach Urban Meyer Monday evening to tell him that his final college destination will be the University of Florida.

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"I think Florida is the one school that wanted me the most," said Hornsby. "I get text messages from Coach Meyer, (Coach Billy) Gonzales and (Coach Gregg) Mattison every day. My mom is loving it … she can come and see me play. She doesn't have to fly."

Jamar Hornsby came back from Athens where he saw the Auburn-Georgia game. He thoroughly enjoyed Athens but the recruiting process had worn him down. He had trouble sleeping Sunday night, a combination of anxiety over making the final decision and the pain from a knee he injured Friday night.

"It was between Florida and Georgia," he said. "I was sitting here debating all night. In the beginning it was kid of fun, but then it got old. I hurt my knee pretty bad so I just wanted to get it out of the way. I just want to see how the Gator fans react to it."

It is well known about Hornsby's personal alarm clock. Coach Urban Meyer text messages Hornsby every morning at 7:30 to make sure he is off to a great day.

"E-v-e-r-y day, he texts me at 7:30 in the morning," he emphasized heartily. "I sleep in on the weekend but I wake up and get the text message."

Wide Receiver Coach Billy Gonzales isn't far behind and sends an all out assault to Hornsby's phone too.

"He [Gonzalez] is awesome … he hasn't missed a day of text messaging me four or five times a day," Hornsby said.

Hornsby is going to be a recruiter for the Gators. He wants to do his part to make the Florida football program the very best. He was already testing his recruiting skills Monday evening.

"I have two already on the hook but I don't want to say any names right now," he said.

He has seen the struggles of Florida's offense and knows it is just a matter of time before the struggles turn to positive. The first thing to do is get the players in there that can make a difference.

"He needs some receivers and playmakers," Hornsby said. "This is the first year in the SEC running his offense. He needs playmakers … that's what I want to bring. I am a person that can move their chains for them."

Jamar Hornsby is a finalist to play in the US Army All-American Game in San Antonio, January 7, at the Alamo Dome. He expects to hear any day now if he's been chosen to play in the top high school all-star game of all, which is sponsored by If selected, he would join Florida commitments Corey Hobbs (Oviedo) and Carl Johnson (Durham, NC) who have already been named to the East team.

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