RECRUITING: Summers is a wanted man

How is your season going? "It is going good. We are 10-1. We play Warren Central in the 1st round on Friday. We just want another shot at South Panola. They embarrassed us last time. We want to prove to everybody that we are better than that. That is our motivation."

(Markeith Summers profile)

What are your stats for the season? "I have 17 catches for 586 yards and 13 TD's. On defense, I have 5 int's and 20 tackles. I have 4 picks in the last two games."

Are any schools giving you a look for safety? "No sir, they still like me at receiver."

What most have you improved on this season? "I am just getting the TD's this year. Last year I only had 7 TD's. I think my speed has really improved too."

Grade your play for the year? "Between an "A" and a "B"."

What most would you like to improve on? "I want to give more effort when the play is not coming to me. That is probably the thing I want to work on the most."

Which colleges are calling you weekly? "Weekly? Wow. There are a lot of them. Lets see. Ole Miss, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, MSU, Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, and that is about it."

Has each of those schools offered you? "Yes sir."

Have you set up your official visits? "No sir."

Which school is coming after you the hardest? "Ole Miss. Well, Ole Miss and Florida."

What does Ole Miss do differently than the other schools? "Well, they talk about playing time and being not far from home and representing my home state. Everybody can come see me play too. And I just like their staff a lot. I do not know. I am just real comfortable with them."

What does Florida do? "I just like the Gators. They are crazy down there. I like their offense and stuff."

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