What # Will Shane Wear in Washington?

<B>UFI Exclusive</B><BR> UFI just spoke with Shane Matthews. Matthews was set to wear his usual number nine but that has since changed. It is an interesting story to say the least.

Jersey #9 has not been worn by a member of the Washington Redskins since legendary signal caller Sonny Jorgensen. Jorgensen has agreed to let new Washington quarterback Shane Matthews were his old number, as the two spoke earlier today.

"It was an honor to speak with Mr. Jorgensen," Matthews told UFI minutes ago. "He gave me his full blessing to wear his old number and he wished me luck."

Soon after the phone conversation, the Redskins had a change of heart. Now that will not allow Matthews to wear number nine. Instead, he will wear number six.

The decision to ask to wear the legendary number has grown unpopular with Redskin fans.

Also, Joe Theisman has agreed to let QB Danny Wueffel wear his #7 as well.

The only number officially retired for Washington is #44 (John Riggins).

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