Gator News And World Report (11/18/2005)

The Gator News and World Report for Friday, November 18, 20005. Garden party; Ex-UF coach finds strength in rain forest to handle grief; Standout receiver may get to play fifth year; Getting a fresh start; Gators get chance to poke around NYC on their own; Ups and downs, never out; Green, Gators Deliver Message; Tebow's Brother Visits UF Practice; Coach gets surprise visit; Error-prone Wake can't keep pace with Florida and more...

Florida Gator

Garden party
Minutes after what he described as the best game of his life, Florida point guard Taurean Green received a surprise meeting in the tunnel exiting the Madison Square Garden floor.

Getting a fresh start
Florida's Sarah Lowe knows what it's like to start as a freshman. She did it 28 times during the 2002-03 season.

Gators get chance to poke around NYC on their own
Lee Humphrey was still in awe of all the big buildings that surrounded him. "Do they ever end?" Humphrey asked

Green, Gators Deliver Message
Point guard Taurean Green emerged grinning from the University of Florida locker room Thursday night and walked directly into a hearty handshake.

Error-prone Wake can't keep pace with Florida
If nothing else, Wake Forest came to Madison Square Garden and found out it is a team with little margin for error.

Florida guard Taurean Green's father Sidney and his coach, Billy Donovan, were Knick teammates on this very Garden floor back in 1987-88. And while Green is only a Gator sophomore, he put on an NBA-worthy performance the Knicks would consider themselves lucky to have in last night's semifinals game of the 2K Sports College Hoops Classic.

Gators shine under Garden lights
Throughout the preseason, the UF men's basketball squad has been plagued by questions - questions of whether they can score, whether they have any depth, and whether they will be able to compete with elite teams after the departure of David Lee, Matt Walsh and Anthony Roberson.

Florida Gator Football

Standout receiver may get to play fifth year
What has been a breakout senior season for wide receiver Dallas Baker will not necessarily be his last season at Florida.

Dooley's Top 10
College football is really starting to bug me. First of all, there's this whole playoff thing. Then, I go 5-5 on my picks just when I was ready to make a late sprint to 100 wins. OK, so I get over that when suddenly I notice that there seems to be an amazing run of sobriety in college administrations

Ups and downs, never out
With possibly only two games left, Todd McCullough is nearing the end of his college football career. It hasn't gone exactly as Florida's senior linebacker dreamed it as a child, but he has lived it nonetheless.

Three-back system works just fine for UF this season
The Gators didn't have a featured running back until seven games into the season, when DeShawn Wynn emerged. Then, UF used Wynn and freshman Markus Manson. Against South Carolina, true freshman Kestahn Moore got five carries.

Tebow's Brother Visits UF Practice
During one last quiet day of workouts before Florida's bye weekend, an unexpected visitor awaited Florida coach Urban Meyer outside the team's practice facility.

Coach gets surprise visit
If the Gators hope to sign prized quarterback recruit Tim Tebow, a certain visitor might have a big say as to where Tebow signs.

Florida Gator Rod Broadway

Ex-UF coach finds strength in rain forest to handle grief
e would go to the supermarket down the street in Durham, N.C., and buy the submarine sandwich, a small one because nothing seemed appetizing to Rod Broadway.

Florida Gator Volleyball

Gators hopeful as curtains close on SEC tourney
It's last call for the SEC Volleyball Tournament. This weekend's conference tournament in Tuscaloosa, Ala., will be the final time the event will be held for the foreseeable future. Coaches and athletic directors voted several years ago to nix the conference tournament and implement a double round robin regular season schedule, meaning each team will play every other team twice in the regular season.

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