VETTEL'S PICKS: Fresno State over USC

About the only good thing about this picks column lately has been the fact no animals are harmed in the production of it. Last week I tried to pick opposite of what I thought… and I go 3-9. This week I'm going to try something else in my never-ending search to have a good week. I'm going to make each pick based strictly on what I WANT to happen. All prejudices are on the table, all pipe dreams are being detailed (Texas or USC losing).

And I'll probably go 3-9 again!

On to rivalry weekend we go….

Kentucky (plus 26-½) over Georgia: The MildKats found some offense last week and are still looking for their first win over a team with a winning record in several years. The Dogs are in danger of looking ahead. A shocker here sends South Carolina to the SEC Title game and Gator fans to the rest room. Kentucky 31-30

LSU (minus 17-½) over Ole Miss: SEC hopes for two BCS invitations demands the Bayou Bengals and Alabama both win out. LSU should be far too much for the Rebels. LSU 48-10

Vanderbilt (plus 12-½) over Tennessee: A win for Vandy means neither team goes to a bowl this year. Seeing how neither team deserves to go to a bowl this year, that's something worth rooting for. Vandy 30-17

Oklahoma (plus 7-½) over Texas Tech: Been a tough year for Bobby Stoops and he deserves a good ending to it. Oklahoma 28-27

South Florida (minus 19-½) over Cincinnati: If the Bulls win out, USF makes it to the BCS which will leave a lot of people LOL and the Orange Bowl SOL. But that's TDB because the system SUX and leaves me pretty POD this time of year. South Florida 38-16

Northwestern (minus 14-½) over Illinoize: The Fightless Zookers have cost me week in and week out. This team is not getting better and better, but at least their total lack of talent is correctable. Northwestern 66-4

Ohio State (minus 3-½) over Michigan: This is one game I really don't care how it turns out. But since I'm a Butkus Award voter I decided to pull for the Buckeyes and Butkus finalist A.J. Hawk. Ohio State 20-10

Fresno State (plus 24-½) over Southern Cal: The Bulldogs can mess up the BCS and we all have to be rooting for that. Fresno State 49-47

Notre Dame (minus 34-½) over Syracuse: The Orangemen are so bad they are yearning for the return of Paul Pasqualoni. The Irish are so good the Fiesta Bowl is drooling over a possible Notre Dame/Alabama game. If not for the last play loss to Southern Cal, N-D would be in the running for the National Title game. Notre Dame 52-9

Georgia Tech (plus 18-½) over Miami: The Yellow Jackets have already earned a contract extension for Coach Chan Gailey. Now they earn a cookie from their new best friends at Virginia Tech. Georgia Tech 27-23

South Carolina (plus 2-½) over Clemson: The Gamecocks take their fantasy season one more step by edging their biggest rival. Clemson will gain more yards… Gamecocks will score more points. It's been that was for most of the season. South Carolina 16-13 in overtime

Alabama (plus-7 ½) over Auburn: Stop calling this game the Iron Bowl! That ended when they left Birmingham. Auburn is the best team in the SEC top-to-bottom, but the SEC needs another BCS team. And remember this is all about what I want to see happen. Alabama 17-16

* * *

So I guess we'll see if what I WANT to see happen is more likely to occur than what I EXPECT to have happen. Either way… there are some good games this weekend.

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