Hollywood Bob's Mini Private Screening

With two new commitments during this week and recruiting heating up, it's time for yet another one of our "Wildly" famous Hollywood Bob's Private Screenings. Yup, folks, it may be earlier than usual, but it's that time again when we darken the lights, raise the curtains, turn on the movie projectors, and immerse you into a world of real insider information just for you and found nowhere else in the galaxy...

As usual, admittance is only reserved for our beloved members and their eyes only, so you need to step into the legendary BullGator Den to view our private screening. Not a subscriber yet? Do reconsider so you can be the only one in your neighborhood with the exclusive scoop on the Florida Gators – and all just for the price of a movie once a month... Get your "tickets" today!

Click here to "view" the private screening!

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