RECRUITING: C.J. Spiller on USC visit

C.J. Spiller talks about his recent visit to the University of South California, which went very, very well despite horrendous flight delays.

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A flight delay of six hours cut into C.J. Spiller's official visit to USC on Nov. 19.

"My flight was delayed in Memphis for like six hours," expressed the Lake Butler, Fla., five-star running back. "I missed a lot of stuff for my visit. I didn't really get to see the campus much or anything. Really, all I got to do was go to the game and talk with the players."

"The little time I did spend there was great for me," Spiller added.

"My favorite part of the visit was before the game--what they do in the locker room to get ready for the game. I really liked how they prepare themselves.

"I liked the atmosphere at the game. The crowd was into the game the whole time. I mean, usually a crowd is into a game, but that kind of fades after awhile. Not this crowd, they were into it the entire time.

"Reggie Bush really stood out. That was a good experience seeing him play. By watching him play I learned a lot of things that will help me improve as a player. Watching him was really inspiring," Spiller recalled.

"I did spend a little bit of time with the coaches," he noted. "They were funny. They kept me laughing all the time. They were real down-to-earth. I like how the coaches and players have a nice bond together. I can see myself playing for the Trojans."

After the game, he said he hung with the players, including his host for the weekend, Dwayne Jarrett (wide receiver). "He was really cool," Spiller commented.

He added, "I feel like there's a 50-50 chance that I may attend USC. I still have more visits to take, and once I take all of my visits I will really know where they stand."

Spiller noted that possible visits may go to Miami, Alabama, Florida State and Florida. "There's also Clemson, and still a bunch of others. I wasn't really paying attention to recruiting during the season, but now that I am done I can crack down on it," Spiller said.

He added that Florida is a school that has been showing him a lot of interest lately. "I am still thinking about taking an official there, but it's real close so I can just go up there any time. They're only 30 minutes away."

The trip to USC was a chance for Spiller to travel alone and dispel any worries of feeling homesick.

Spiller confided, "My mom really wanted to come on the trip with me, but I wanted to go by myself. I wanted to see how I would feel away from home. At first, when I got there, I felt like for sure I wouldn't be able to do it. I thought there was no way I could go way out to California and be that far away from my family. But, man, after the game, that all changed because I felt like I would be treated like family there. I really felt like the whole team is a family."

"I know my family will be more happy if I stay close so they can come to the games and all, but they told me to follow my heart--even if that means going to school out in California."

His parents will be taking the rest of his official visits with him.

He also noted that he was a little disappointed that his visit didn't fall during the USC vs. UCLA game. "I really wanted to come out for the USC-UCLA game," he said. "But I'm glad I got to see them when I did. They had a good game against Fresno State."

Spiller had a busy weekend between state playoffs and his visit to USC. "Man, I am tired!" he exclaimed. "I have been going solid pretty much since Thursday. Now that my season is over, I should have some time to get a little bit of rest."

Spiller's team, Union County High School of Lake Butler, Fla., capped off their season on Nov. 18 in the first round of state playoffs against Trinity Catholic (Ocala). The Union County Fighting Tigers lost 20-31.

"I know I had over 1,800 yards rushing this year on 167 carries for 30 touchdowns. And I had about 215 to 225 yards on receiving," said the 5-10, 185-pound Spiller.

3.5 GPA/21 ACT

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