It's been a wild ride for us at Gator Country (and still is!) since 1996. We've grown by leaps and bounds and have long become the #1 Gator site, anywhere as evidenced by our sheer numbers. It's all thanks to YOU, our loyal members. Since it's Thanksgiving weekend, what better time than to express our thanks to you by offering FREE access to our premium content and a FREE screensaver?

Wednesday morning through the end of Sunday, you can check out practically everything on our site for FREE.

Gator Country has been one of the fastest growing sites on the network and we're very grateful for this. Without you, this wouldn't be possible.

We're also thankful for our top-notch writers with years and years of experience to bring you the very best in Gator coverage -- Larry Vettel, Brady Ackerman, Bob Redman, Franz Beard, Mark McLeod, Matthew Zemek, Ian Fletcher, David Shepherd, and more...

We're thankful for our partnership with the Fightin' Gators magazine and David Stirt which allows us to offer subscribers a full color, print magazine alongside of Gator Country which gives you a big one-two punch in Gator coverage.

We're thankful for dozens of hard working volunteer moderators who help maintain order (and decorum at times!) on our hyperactive message boards which, we believe, are one of the busiest in the nation.

All together, we've crafted a truly wonderful community that really is unmatched by any. Through your efforts, we all banded together and raised $50,000 in just a month and a half for the Greg See Scholarship Foundation, raised several thousand dollars for the American Cancer Society, donated several more thousand dollars to the ARC of Alachua county for developmentally disabled children, and so much more...

All this isn't possible without YOU. To all the great members and visitors who have made Gator Country very successful: THANK YOU!

To express our thanks in a more tangible way, from Wednesday morning through the end of the day Sunday, we are making all of our premium content FREE. That's right, any premium story on our site or the entire network is FREE for anyone to read.

Check our story archive and browse back through the last year. All of the recruiting content is there. All of the local audio files we put together. Our premium chat transcripts... And more!

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On top of all this, we've created a FREE screensaver with professional photos from World Class Photographer, Glenn Danforth, whose photos are in the popular "Saturdays In The Swamp" coffee-table book. Read on for the download link!

The only things not covered in this free premium holiday weekend are the video and audio, and our premium board and chats.

When the free weekend ends, it is our hope that you will find it worthwhile to join us as a full fledged premium member and gain even more access -- to our premium members only forums, our fabulous (and highly coveted) Hollywood Bob's Private Screenings, and much more...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the holiday week, and enjoy all of the free content at and across the network.

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