Profile 2003 - Jon Abbate (LB)

A wrecking ball of a middle linebacker, Abbate will try and lead a loaded Harrison (GA) defense back to the state title game. A place where Harrision went 2 years ago.

Jon Abbate - LB

6-0, 232, 4.51
Kennesaw, GA - Harrison

School Preferences: Clemson, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Miami, and Florida

  • Coach's Comments: The kid's a player. He'll hit you that's for sure. He's going to be a great player for someone on the next level. - Coach Bruce Cobleigh
  • Summer Camps: Auburn and Georgia Passing camps, and possibly Clemson, Vanderbilt, and Wake Forest
  • Strength Numbers: Bench: 370, Squat 480
  • Other Sports: Track, 10.9 100 meters, shot put, and 4X100

Profile 2003 - Jon Abbate (LB)

Coach Bruce Cobleigh's Harrison squad is loaded up for a run at the state title this year. Cobleigh could not ask for a better anchor for the middle of his defense than 6-0 and 232 pound middle linebacker Jon Abbate. Abbate may not be 6-4, but when you can run a true 4.5 at 232 pounds and hit like a freight train, who cares?

Abbate racked up 96 tackles and 7 sacks last season, and he has set even bigger goals for himself this year. "I'd like to lead the state in tackles," said Abbate. "Lead the state and become an All-American. Those are my personal goals." It goes without saying that a team loaded with at least 5 division 1 prospects has a goal of getting back to the state title game. A place Harrison was when Abbate was a sophomore.

Abbate is a 3.4 GPA student and will have no trouble qualifying, and he is looking hard at some of the best schools in the region. "My top five right now would be Clemson, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Miami, and Florida. They're all pretty even right now. We're going to the Auburn and Georgia passing camps as a team this summer, and I'd like to try and get to more camps like Clemson, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest."

Abbate has not received any formal scholarship offers at this point, but it's only a matter of time. Once colleges see Abbate in action, there's only going to be one question that pops in to their minds: "Why didn't we offer this kid sooner?"

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