Urban Meyer Press Conference

This is the bowl game (we wanted). The Outback Bowl has a great reputation as a January bowl and is very prestigious. It will have two teams hat are on the rise. Iowa has had some tremendous team as in the last few years. We are hoping to take some steps forward. We are anxious to go and it's a great city.

We are pleased they picked us and have an obligation to have the team ready to go. I have been involved with bowl game sand the team won the last game heading into the bowl game and that is significant. I have also been involved with a team that loses that last game and you sit for a month before getting ready to go play. I really like the momentum of our program right now.

On playing Iowa

I'm not ready to (talk about them) yet. Gregg Mattison has seen them play twice because his son plays for them. I have called him about 40 times, since and I want to know about the kicking game. They have success since the game two years ago and haven't changed a whole lot.

On losing three bowls in a row…

I think that is a factor, they have talked about it, I have talked about it. We have a responsibility to prepare for the bowl game the right way and I am looking forward to that challenge. Getting a guy like Vernell Brown back will help. We need to stay healthy. There is a fine line in bowl practices and like two-a-days, we have to prepare, we want to get young guys ready for next year, but we want to win the bowl game. We will have two light practices this week, then throw the shoulder pads on Saturday and have a lot of the game plan done by Saturday.

Winning the 9th win of the season…

The number one thing as a coach is you like for players to spend time home for Christmas. It's much easier to do that (in a New Years' Bowl. The ninth win is critical. There is a long time between this and the next game, so we want to go out and win this game.

On Brandon Siler

I admired Brandon when he went out of his way helping with recruiting last year. With his carryover into the off-season workouts and summer workouts and then his play on the field, I think he is one of the top leaders on the team. Not many people would argue that.

He has played excellent for us and has definitely lived up to expectations. I think he'll be one of the premier, if not the premier, linebackers in the SEC next year. One thing about Brandon is that he didn't practice the whole week leading up to the Georgia game. To play like he did in that game, he's one tough nut.

On the possibly getting Vernell Brown back…

According to Vernell he is (going to be back). We still have darn near a month, that's the plan.

On Mike Degory and his expectations of him…

Mike Degory is a tremendous person and a great young man, so yes, he has lived up to my expectations.

On Ray McDonald's status…

He is actually having surgery right now on his right knee and will not be back until August.

On Josh Portis playing in the bowl game…

He's a talented guy, but I haven't made that decision yet. I would love to get him in that game.

On scout team member's preparation and maturation…

There are probably too many to list. Guys like David Nelson, e almost made the decision to pull his red-shirt after Dallas Baker and Jemalle Cornelius were injured, but we decided to hold onto it. I'm glad we did because he wasn't ready, but he has shown a lot of promise.

A guy on defense is Ryan Stamper. He's young guy that has really showed a lot of promise, too. There are a lot of others, but those are off the top of my head that are darn near game-ready to play. I'm glad we held them, but they're ready to work hard and see a lot of playing time next year.

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